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 Malta is an astounding Mediterranean gem, characterised by a uniquely rich culture and warm hospitality that make the island the perfect choice for investors and expatriates looking to base themselves in a safe and stable country that has endless business opportunities.


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Malta, a Thriving Nation, attracting talents and Trustworthy Investment

The experience of our nation since launching the Individual Investor Programme has been largely a positive one. The programme has generated an interest in our market from all across the globe. Investor interest is at an all-time high, and ideas of possible mutually beneficial partnerships are flourishing. One of the factors contributing to Malta’s success is that the venture is not profit-driven, but to attract rare talent that will further benefit the country’s economy.


These economic and social factors have changed the profile of the Maltese Islands by attracting high-quality intellectual and financial capital through the IIP. We are now in a position to start making good use of the investment that the programme has directly generated, which will allow us to address long outstanding issues the country has faced and not yet resolved throughout the years.

There is also a reality behind the IIP, which is not being told. The wealth behind the Maltese programme is not monetary. It is attracting families who become proud Maltese citizens not looking to make money but wanting to become part of another country to contribute to the already rich diverse nature through personal and cultural relationships.


The Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency provides 70% from the contributions that it generates through the programme to the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF). The NDSF is an autonomous agency which is intended to contribute its funds towards promoting and supporting major projects, implement initiatives of national importance to improve our economy, and enhance our public services. These also include the advancement in education, research, innovation, social purpose, justice and the rule of law, employment initiatives, the environment and public health.​


The Maltese passport ranks 7th worldwide with 182 visa-free access destinations,
and the 2nd most successful and credible programme in the citizenship by investment industry for upholding high standards of due diligence, attracting carefully vetted individuals
who bring capital, business networks, and talent to the Maltese Islands.


The 2019 Henley Passport Index
Henley & Partners  


The Malta Individual Investor Programme is the first of its kind to have had its validity officially recognised by the European Commission.


The Malta Individual Investor Programme (“The Programme”) is designed to facilitate (after a rigorous due diligence exercise) the grant of Maltese citizenship to foreign High Net Worth Individuals and their families who are of a reputable standing (including, unlike some other programmes, the parents and grandparents of the main applicant and the spouse, as well as the children of either spouse). The principal investment required under the Programme – now well tried and tested – takes the form of a monetary contribution to the National Development and Social Fund established by the Government of Malta for the purpose of bringing about qualitative improvements in Malta through public interest, social and capital projects.


Since Malta is a member of the European Union and part of the Schengen Area, non-EU applicants who successfully acquire citizenship under the Programme benefit from significantly-improved mobility within the member states of the EU and the European Free Trade Association. They are also able to avail themselves of visa-free travel to more than 160 countries, including the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom. Besides giving successful applicants an unrestricted right to live and work within all the member states of the EU, the acquisition of Maltese citizenship has no tax implications.

Restricted Number of Admissions

The number of successful main applicants under the Programme is limited to 1,800 only. The take-up so far has been very encouraging and exceeded expectations.


Our wholly-owned affiliate, Ganado Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited, has been approved and licensed as an Accredited Person by Identity Malta Agency (the official agency of the Government of Malta for citizenship, passports and acts of civil status). Ganado Trustees & Fiduciaries Limited is authorised to submit applications under the Programme and to promote and market it in accordance with the Individual Investor Programme of the Republic of Malta Regulations, 2014 (“Regulations”), together with the procedural guidelines issued from time to time by Identity Malta Agency.


In order to qualify for citizenship under the Programme, the main applicant must fulfil the following criteria:


be at least 18 years of age


*  meet the application requirements outlined in the Regulations


*   provide proof of residence in Malta for a period of 12 months preceding the day of issuance of the certificate of naturalisation


*  provide proof that the main applicant and his dependants are covered by a global health insurance policy of at least EUR 50,000 per person per annum and are capable of maintaining such cover indefinitely





The main applicant must also satisfy the following contribution and investment requirements:


1.       make a contribution of EUR 650,000 to the National Development and Social Fund


2.       purchase a residential property in Malta with a minimum value of EUR 350,000 or lease residential property in Malta for a minimum annual rent of EUR 16,000, subject to the obligation respectively of not selling or not terminating the lease for at least five/5 years


3.       invest in stocks, bonds or other investment vehicles worth a minimum of EUR 150,000 as may be identified from time to time by Identity Malta Agency, such investment to be held for at least 5 years


The table below outlines the contribution to be made under the Programme to the National Development and Social Fund and the due diligence and other fees due to Identity Malta Agency for the main applicant and dependants.


Table of Contributions and Fees


Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund (payable on approval of application)


Main Applicant

EUR 650,000


EUR 25,000

Each Dependant child aged 0-17

EUR 25,000

Each Dependant child aged 18-26

EUR 50,000

Each Dependant aged 55 or above

EUR 50,000

Due diligence fees (payable on submission of application) 

Main Applicant

EUR 7,500


EUR 5,000

Each Dependant Child aged 0-12


Each Dependant Child aged 13-17

EUR 3,000

Each Dependant Child aged 18-26

EUR 5,000

Each Dependant aged 55 or above

EUR 5,000

Identity Malta Agency fees 

Passport Fees (per person)

EUR 500

Bank Charges (per application)

EUR 200






Applicants and their dependants are subject to a thorough due diligence process aimed at establishing that they are fit and proper persons to hold Maltese citizenship and are not otherwise ineligible for any of the causes set out in the Regulations. Though not mandatory, Identity Malta Agency retains the right to request personal interviews.





The names of all persons acquiring Maltese citizenship during the previous twelve/12 month period – whether by registration, naturalisation or under the Programme – are published once annually in the Malta Government Gazette. Therefore, for reasons of confidentiality, the names of persons acquiring Maltese citizenship under the Programme are not singled out.