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Malta Bar & Cocktail Awards 2020

18 November 2020 - InterContinental Malta, St. Julian’s


Malta’s Gaming Excellence Awards 2020

13 November 2020 - InterContinental Malta, St. Julian’s


Malta Hairdressing & Barber Awards 2020

7 November 2020 - InterContinental Malta, St. Julian’s


Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards and Best Hairdressing and Barber Awards 2019

6 December 2019 - SmartCity Kalkara


Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2019

20 September 2019 - SmartCity Kalkara


Angelo Dalli awarded prestigious Chairman's Value Award at MBEOTYA 2019


Angelo Dalli is a computer scientist specialising in artificial intelligence, a serial entrepreneur, and business angel investor. He was nominated for Malta’s Best Entrepreneur awards on the strength that he has been a vocal proponent of ethical AI that impacts society positively and for his efforts in ensuring AI is properly regulated. Angelo has been appointed by the Government of Malta on the taskforce that will produce Malta's new AI regulation and national AI strategy.


It was a great honour for the organisers of Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards to recognize Angelo’s achievements in AI sector, as well as his contribution to the online gaming industry during the 2019 edition. Angelo was awraded the highly prestigious Charmain’s Value Award  His dynamic, fast moving, quick thinking algorithms techniques has kept ahead of the explosion of innovation in the online gaming sector. It is a perfect example of entrepreneurialism at its best.


Angelo Dalli has been creating innovative technology companies since 1995, in the fields of search engine technology, intelligent transport systems, online gaming, AI and big data. As an entrepreneur, Angelo has had a number of successful exits including M&As and listings on European and US stock exchanges, is a member of EBAN, and has also received the Top IT Entrepreneur award in 2014 in Malta and Malta’s top entrepreneur award in 2019. Angelo's specialities, apart from entrepreneurship, are search engine technology, intelligent transport systems and Artificial Intelligence.


As a serial entrepreneur, Dalli was involved in four IPOs and invested in more than 40 successful companies. This long track record was recognised in 2014, when he was awarded with Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Academically, Angelo published over 23 peer reviewed publications mainly in the UK and US, read for various degrees including a Ph.D. in Computer Science and AI and helped raise funding on various EU projects in the UK. Angelo has also won a bronze medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in 1995. When not creating innovative products and technology, Angelo can often be seen running marathons, cross-country skiing, travelling and doing outdoor fun stuff. ​


The Chairman's Values Award (CVA), recognizes and honours top performing entrepreneurs who exemplify best business practice,  values and stand out as role models. The Chairman's Values Award is an initiative designed to encourage, reward and celebrate excellence in Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. It was founded on the premise that recognizing and properly rewarding excellence is an effective way of motivating best entrepreneurial mindsets and enhancing the culture of ‘excellence’.



Gozo Expo and Gozo Business Awards 2019

31st May and 1st June 2019 - Grand Hotel, Mgarr Harbour, Gozo


Malta’s iGaming Excellence Awards 2019

17th May 2019 - SmartCity, Kalkara


Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards 2018 & Malta’s International Boats & Yachting Awards 2018​


Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards 2018


Malta’s International Boats & Yachting Awards 2018

A unique combination of two prestigious award programmes generated in one glamorous gala awards ceremony
By George Carol

Maltese entrepreneurs are thought leaders who’s known yet unrecognised drive and passion for innovation, do not also provide new solutions to some of the Island’s most pressing problems, but they also create jobs, generate economic growth and encourage creativity. In short, they leave the Maltese business community a legacy to help create and make a much more improved operational working environment and instil a much more entrepreneurial feel good factor.


These are precisely the reasons that will be celebrated this November in a very ambitious and unique gala award ceremony combining Malta’s Best in Business organisations and companies, together with the best talent and enterprising business role models in the boats and yachting industry, where over 60 best-of-the-best nominee entrepreneurs will convene for the 4th MBIBA and 2nd MIBYA gala award programme, which will gather over 500 distinguished top tier business entrepreneurs from various sectors of the Maltese business community. The winners will be announced on/about 22:00 in a still top secret five-star venue, to be announced shortly.


The awards are the annual culmination of MBR Publication’s 2018 business awards programme that distinguishes and honours the leading entrepreneurs, creators, innovators ND prime business role models who have contributed to the Maltese economic growth, have been architects of new products, services and job creation across a wide ranging business spectra. The company has been at the forefront of organising business awards in Malta for over ten years and are undisputed pioneers of branding these gala awards into an accredited prestigious and highly successful business awards programme, that are transparent and also increase the growth factor of the winners. MBR Publications have just recently successfully celebrated Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, with over 400 C-Level and top business leaders attending the gala evening at Marsa Sports Club, where the Company made another significant genuine contribution to the Malta Community Chest Fund during the event; part of its CSR activity and credo.


The night-long gathering brings together for the first time this year two distinct industries- commercial, industrial and general business, with the boats and yachting industry. The awards are judged separately by fellow expert entrepreneurs or qualified business leaders, who will evaluate their individual strengths according to five criteria and eventually choose one, exceptional, overall winner in both sections. The qualities of entrepreneurship are widely recognised and celebrated, but nowhere else will you see such a thorough, precise and transparent process in Malta. Winners are evaluated by such independent judging panel, wherein each judge receives a detailed company profile, statistics, history, milestones,  including confidential data and also meets the finalists in a formal unique live Q&A which occurs during the glamorous gala evening.


A study compared the financial performance of 120 award winning companies across Europe against that of non-award winners and found that the winners enjoyed sales growth 77% higher. Winning a prestigious Malta’s Best in Business Award, or an International Bots & Yachting Award will help your organisation to stand from the crowd, send a positive message to your existing customers and attract new business.


Malta’s Best in Business Awards and Malta’s International Boats & Yachting Awards aim to highlight and reward excellence across the private and public sectors to help entrepreneurs and business leaders become even more successful.


Winners will receive a keepsake trophy and accredited certification, a press release with judge’s comments about why they have won. These comments can also be used on winner’s website, together with other marketing materials at no cost, and will be published on MBR Publications website and facebook pages, as well as the Malta Independent online portal, which is great for business link building. The organisers and promoters will also contact winners to provide free help and guidance on maximising the awareness of their success. This will include how best to generate media coverage in the press, broadcast media and online as well as how to communicate your success directly to existing and potential clients, staff and other key opinion formers.


For further information please contact: Margaret Brincat at; margaret@mbrpublications.net / admin@mbrpublications.net / M: 9940 6743/9926 0162

Malta’s Best in Business Awards 2018


Malta’s Best in Business Awards 2018

 Creating Ideas, Breeding Success

Friday 30th November, 2018 | Venue: TBC

About the event

Now in its third successive year, Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards is the only business awards program judged by independent panels of prominent local business experts. The Awards each year are judged by a who’s who of top business, industry and manufacturing leaders from the most respected companies in Malta.


Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards, which is a trade mark registered event, has retained its unique status of being the only Maltese business awards program judged exclusively by a panel of judges under an established and accredited criteria, and the judging process is transparent, with results being made public. This is by far the broadest business awards program in Malta and honours companies, teams, executives and products for their business successes in the previous and current year. The awards program is open to any company from any industry operating in Malta or abroad, however, which are based locally. Entrants need not be conducting business globally; in fact, many past winners operate locally, nationally, or regionally.


Malta’s Best-in-Business Award 2018 is offered in more than 20 company, department / team, executive, product and CSR, media, PR and other award categories. Companies may submit any number of entries to any of the categories in any of Malta’s Best-in-Business Award programs throughout the year.


Malta’s Best in Business Awards® is unique as it is the only independent business awards program judged by members of the business community and industry analysts. Each year, Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards assembles a top-notch judging panel to review and score all awards submissions. Having researched and covered countless successful companies, products, and dynamic business personalities, the judges are well positioned to objectively evaluate the entry pool to determine the top companies, teams, executives and products from among the submissions. However, what truly sets Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards apart, is that instead of being members of one business organisation of one particular company, our judges hail from a wide variety of business backgrounds. We believe that this way, the panel is more independent, and the scores and eventual results more objective.


Last year’s judging panel included judges from such top-tier publications as Standard Publications, The Malta Independent contributors and was partnered by The Malta Business Review, as well as The Malta Business Weekly; respected vertical financial organisations, banks, Gaming, real estate, hospitality, healthcare, maritime, aviation, ICT, and numerous leading local business enterprises, SMEs and start-ups.


Having researched and covered numerous successful companies, we believe these judges have the expertise to objectively evaluate the entry pool to choose the top companies, teams, executives and products from among the submissions.


Submission process

Any company from any business background, industry or manufacturing based in or operating in Malta is eligible to enter any of the coveted award categories. For more details on the submission process, please contact Margaret Brincat on 9940 6743/Email: margaret@mbrpublications.net


Entries in the 3rd annual Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards are currently being accepted. The next, regular, entry deadline is November 16, 2018.


Companies are allowed and encouraged to submit multiple entries in multiple categories in Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards 2018. For each category a company enters, a simple 3-part entry is required. Each entry should contain these three sections:


1. A brief description of the nominee’s achievements since January 1, 2018


Describe the nominee’s achievements during the 2017-2018 eligibility period (that is from January 1, 2018 until day of submission). Please focus on specific accomplishments relevant to the award category under consideration, relating them to past performance or industry norms. Make sure to mention obstacles overcome, innovations or discoveries made, and specific results. (500 words or less)


Depending on the category, the “nominee” is either the company, a product, a department/team, executive or a CSR/media/PR campaign, so accordingly, this section can be:

• in Company categories: about company accomplishments,

• in Product categories: about product success, including details on features, innovations, statistics, market share, case studies, pain points it solves etc.

• in Department/Team and Executive categories: about executive or team accomplishments,

• in CSR, media, PR and other categories, this section can detail the campaign, event or website being submitted.


2. Hyperlinks to any news coverage, press releases or materials supporting the submission


Press stories, press releases, video clips, work samples and more can make a difference. If available, please include links in your submission (3-5 links is typical); these could be to your online news room, the best recent article, or a past award. In consideration for the judges’ time, please limit your hyperlinks to 10 links at most.


3. A short biography of the nominee


Provide a brief biography and business background of the nominee. (200 words or less)

Depending on the category and as appropriate to the submission, the “nominee” is either the company, a product, a department/team, executive or a CSR/media/PR campaign, so accordingly, this section can be:

• in Company categories: company history or corporate boilerplate,

• in Product categories: product line history,

• in Executive categories: executive biography,

• in Department/Team and CSR, media, PR and other categories, this section can be either a company history or a leading executive biography.


Entry specific photos, logos and other supporting materials (optional)


If you choose, you may also provide executive, team, or product photos and/or company logos for potential inclusion on Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards write-ups, Press Releases and online FB/website. Similarly, you may provide us with supporting materials in any standard digital file format. Photos, logos and additional supporting materials can be emailed to us at martin@mbrpublications.net.


We have found that this simple, but meaningful submission process is intuitive, and gives the judging panel a great window into the relevant business successes of each of the award entrants, ensuring that all of our participants compete on the merits and on an equal basis.


Once your entries are ready, you can submit by email


Please feel free to email us your ready submission directly in the email body or in .doc or .pdf format. You can then remit your entry deposit fees via bank transfer. If you prefer to pay by cheque or wire transfer, please contact us for payment instructions. Invoices provided upon request.


Please do not hesitate to let us know of any questions you might have during the submission process.


For further information please contact Margaret Brincat on 99406743/Email: margaret@mbrpublications.net

The Malta International Boats and Yachting Awards 2018


The Malta International Boats and Yachting Awards 2018

Venue: TBC

Friday 23rd November 2018


We are happy to inform you about the 2nd Annual Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards® 2018, being held on Friday 23rd November, 2018.


Entry Deadline is Thursday 13th September, 2018.


Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards® organiser, Mr Martin Vella, confirmed MBR Publications Ltd is accepting entries in the third annual competition through the entry deadline of Thursday 13th September, 2018.


The Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards® honours the Malta’s best boats and yachting individuals, companies, agents and distributors, and this year features a new super yacht category. The objective of these awards are to recognise, reward and celebrate outstanding boats and yachting contributors, sailors, marine engineers, designer, HR teams and professionals, HR achievements, new products and services and suppliers that help to create and drive great workplaces. These prestigious awards are highly regarded awards and tasks nominees with a realistic request to challenge their ideas, technical ability and aptitude for delivery and success.


All individuals and organisations in Malta associated with the maritime, shipping, transport and logistics, boats and yachting, including supplies, —public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small—may submit nominations to the Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards®. The 2018 awards will honour achievements since the beginning of 2017. Entry details are available on demand and an event brochure with sponsor and nominee packages is available on request, or attached with this email. We obviously think that there are dynamic shifts underway in the super yacht industry and the time is right to modify the awards to shift in tune with the products and available technology and with the demands of today’s owners. We are excited about our rebranded and reinvigorated awards program, and about some highly qualified new judges we are bringing to our team.


Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards® winners in the 22 categories will be determined by a unique blending of the ratings of professionals and the votes of the independent panel of judging experts from within the industry.


To enter the Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards®, you must make a nomination confirmation booing by email and have submitted all supporting documentation by Thursday 13th September, 2018. There is no restriction on the number of categories in which a single yacht may be entered. Any person may nominate any yacht owners, marinas, sailors, company, product, service as per category list found on our event brochure, with the limitation that this person/company must be able to and is authorised to provide the requested supporting information. Once correctly nominated, an email confirming the acceptance of the entry will be sent to the person making the nomination. All documentation in support of each entry must be received by the deadline date listed above.


Documentation Size


Judges will receive submissions from each entry in the form of a digital dossier. So that judges are able to give proper consideration to each entry, the documentation (excluding photographs and other illustrations, for which the submission details are given below) submitted in support of an entry for each category must not exceed the highlighted number of pages indicated for each category and on A4 sized paper with text at a minimum of 11 font size.


Submission of photographs and video​


Photographs should be a minimum 300dpi (high resolution print quality) and supplied as individual .jpg files, not a pdf document containing embedded photographs, as the latter does not provide sufficient quality when projected. These images may also be used in the Official Programme, should your entry be selected as a finalist and in online announcements of finalists, these must be uploaded and sent via email or WETRANSFER File to martin@mbrpublications.net.


Video footage for promotion should be no longer than one (1) minute long and must be high resolution. This will be used for the onscreen presentation, if you become one of the finalists at the Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards®.


We are looking forward to your trust, firm support and participation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, special offers, branding requirements or interview requests.


The Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards® and MBR Publications Limited® are registered trademarks of MBR Publications Ltd, Malta.




Our International Business Awards (IBAs), including Malta’s Best Entrepreneur Awards of the Year, Malta’s Best in Business Awards, Malta’s Gaming Excellence Awards and the Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards, are the Malta’s only international, all-encompassing business awards programmes. Many organisations and individuals from all over the best and most influential of Malta’s business clusters, including Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Hospitality, Industry, Manufacturing, Importing & Distribution, ICT, Gaming, Maritime, Aviation and other sectors have all participated in paste editions, with some also entering two or three times! The success of these awards are attributed mainly to the fact that we were the pioneers in creating and establishing such prestigious and internationally recognised award programmes. Furthermore, we have a Board of Directors managing and evaluating nominees, with a completely transparent voting system, whereby judges have two score cards and these are signed and viewed even after the awards are over. No other award event in Malta has this type of transparent voting structure.


We are the only company in Malta with overseas affiliation. Our awards are also the largest awards organised locally and have over 500 guests during the final gala ceremony. The awards are also recognised by HE the President of Malta, as well by the European Business Network. Among the winners in past are more than 170 companies and individuals from 20 European countries that have prevailed over the other competition. This high number of international winners is evidence of the great performance of Maltese, EU companies and managers, and simply make these awards the best in Malta. Among them are renowned companies and individuals- this list is too long to mention, but some names that spring to mind are Profs Edward de Bono,  Wilfred Sultana, AAT Research, Vodafone, Netrefer, Grand Harbour Marina, Creek Developments, Roland Marina, Oceanus Marine Ltd, S&D Yachts, and many others.



These awards are also the only registered and trademark awards created locally under the Trademark Act 2000 and each year have seen phenomenal growth.


The Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards are a unique in the depth of expertise they draw on from its extensive judging community. As well as our Advisory Board who steer the judging selection process, and work to maintain the awards at the highest standards in Malta. We hope that the voters industry knowledge and category-specific skill sets to assess every entry.


Entry Information


The entry fee for the Malta International Boats & Yachting Awards is €50.00 plus VAT per category entered or just €50.00  plus vat per category when you enter 3 or more categories.


Email your entries and supporting information to martin@mbrevents.com or margaret@mbrevents.com. Payment in advance along with a covering note stating the name of your organisation and categories entered to: MBR Publications Limited, Level 1, Highland Apartments, Naxxar Road, B’Kara BKR 9042 before the deadline date. Please make cheques payable to MBR Publications Ltd. You may also pay your entry fee by Bank Transfer, please contact us for bank details. An invoice for the entry fee will be supplied upon request, please email margaret@mbrevents.com. Your entry will not be judged if the entry fee has not been received by the deadline date.


Entry deadlines for each round are the last working day of Friday 26th May, 2017. Winners will be announced during the lavish gala dinner organised for these awards. Winners will receive a certificate endorsed by HE The President of Malta, together with a souvenir safe-keep trophy. An official souvenir programme will be issued and published for the occasion.

Noovle Cloud Summit



Digital Innovation, Transformation  & Modernization for smart business.



The Nexus of forces


Noovle is an ICT company, specialized in web services and with a high expertise in Digital Transformation and Integration System projects, relying on diverse and qualified skills, professional backgrounds and talents.


A reliable partner and a Digital System Integrator, Noovle supports enterprises througout the   whole process, from initial planning to Change Management.


As of today, Noovle is among the best 50 Google Cloud partners in the world and it has been confirmed as Google main Premier Partner in Italy. Figures and valuable partnerships closed over the years witness its capabilities:

• more than 18 million euros revenue

• more than 1,000 customers among private and public enterprises

• more than 50 App Google Cloud projects

• 76,000 G Suite accounts opened

• 670,000 G Suite for Education accounts opened

• 130 Google Search Appliance implemented

• 150,000,000 documents indexed

• 1,000,000 GeoCMS georeferenced points developed

• 340,000, 000 visualizations of video contents uploaded on Video Cloud

• Google Award as EMEA Partner 2013 (category: Search)

• Nominee as Google Global Partner (categories: Google Apps and Geo)


Noovle appears among the 300 Italian companies listed as “Champions of Growth 2018” in the report drawn up by the German Quality and Finance Institute.


A highly specialized team


The company was born in June 2013 and team is made up of more than 100 people, among which more than 50 are certified by Google: an extensive network of consultants, project managers, technicians, engineers and developers available all over Italy, where the main offices are located in Milan, Trento, Florence, Rome and Palermo. Several new offices have also been opened in Europe: we are in Bratislava, Lugano, Paris and Malta.


A Digital System Integrator for several markets


Noovle is an iCT company with a solid experience in several industrial fields: insurance, automotive, banking, retail, media and publishing, games and services, real estate, oil and gas, public administration, health, education, software, telecommunications, utility, travels and tourism.

Conference on ‘Auditing in the Digital Age’​


Audit Solutions Ltd, the Malta representatives of CaseWare International Inc., a leading global supplier of cutting-edge financial reporting and audit software solutions, will be hosting a conference with the theme ‘Auditing in the Digital Age’. The event will be held on Wednesday 10th October at the Phoenicia Hotel in the grand Ballroom


The half-day conference, which is aimed at external auditors – both those working within audit firms as well as sole practitioners – will also see the introduction in Malta of the cutting edge CaseWare Cloud suite of accounting software. Presentations explaining the features and benefits of CaseWare Cloud will be given by Jaap de Waard, Director CaseWare Europe, and Angele Sammut, Director CaseWare Malta.


Mr de Waard will take participants through the benefits of Cloud and how CaseWare Cloud has evolved as a mainstream product since its launch. He will also be explaining the benefits of leveraging cloud technologies and the trends in cloud adoption within the audit practice. Furthermore, Mr de Waard will demonstrate the practical use of CaseWare Cloud, including the use of Smart Engagements and SmartSync.


Meanwhile, Ms Sammut will demonstrate how CaseWare Cloud can assist auditors in carrying out audits of holding and dormant companies efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with ISAs. Jaap de Waard will tie up the presentation by outlining where CaseWare International is heading with Cloud, analytics, the future of auditing, and artificial intelligence.


The conference will also address the effect of data analytics on audits. A presentation on this topic will be delivered by Reuben Barry, Head of Data Analytics and Director at Ecovis Wingrave.


Malta’s best entrepreneur of the year awards 2018



Leading the Way, Going the Way and Showing the Way

“I’ve been involved with the Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards from the start and they really are the benchmark for entrepreneurial success in the Malta. It is fantastic to see so many great entrepreneurs being recognised for their successes and I am proud to be associated with the awards.”​

Profs David J. Dingli, Managing Consultant, Resource Productivity Consulting Services​

Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® are Malta’s premier annual business awards.  They were created in 2009 to honour entrepreneurs and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of local working professionals.  In short order Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® has become one of the Malta’s most coveted and sought business accolades.


Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® Program is Malta’s most established, largest and primogenital annual awards program honouring the outstanding achievements and accomplishments of local business entrepreneurs throughout all the local business, commercial, financial, banking, industrial, maritime, aviation, real estate, hospitality, IT and gaming sectors. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented trade and industry best practice to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.


Each year, Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® Program identifies entrepreneurs who the Organisers believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local business leaders that enhance the positive image of small business, SMEs and established corporate organisations through excellent service to their customers and our community. These exceptional entrepreneurs help make the area a great place to live, work and play.


Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® was established over nine years ago to recognise the best of local businesses in our community. The Organisers work exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. The Organisers’ mission is to recognise great talent, business best practice, and outstanding businesspersons and their amazing commitment to contribute towards the improvement of the local community and also their contributions to the Maltese economy.

“Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards are the most comprehensive awards program on the Island and evidencing some amazing entrepreneurial talent.”​

The Hon Profs Edward Scicluna, Minister of Finance​

Some Facts…​


• Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards®  are open to all business entrepreneurs operating in the Malta, and feature a wide variety of categories to recognise achievement in every facet of the workplace.


• Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards®  are open to all business entrepreneurs, and include categories to honour accomplishments in all aspects of work life.


• Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards®  are open to all business entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean region who have work related projects operational in Malta, or based in Malta.  The categories focus on recognising innovation in all aspects of work-life.


• Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards®  are open to all business, commercial, manufacturing and industrial organisations and entrepreneurs operating in Malta.


• Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards®  are open to all business entrepreneurs, and recognise Malta’s best entrepreneurs to work for and the HR teams and professionals, HR achievements, new products and services, and suppliers who help to create and drive great workplaces.


• Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards®  are open to all workers in Malta, and recognise the achievements of sales, customer service, and marketing professionals.


• Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards®  are open to all employees in Malta, and recognise the achievements of men and women executives, entrepreneurs, and the trade organisations they run.

Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® judges include many of Malta’s most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators.  Each of the MBR awards programs harnesses the insights and talents of more than ten highly respected professional judges every year.  All Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® entrants have access to all judges’ comments about their nominations.


Sponsors of Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® programs include many leading B2B marketers, publishers, iGaming, real estate, hospitality, travel, maritime and government institutions. MBR Publications Ltd want to help the sector thrive. Central to this is helping showcase the stories of success and inspiration, so customer bases can grow and more Maltese entrepreneurs with a spark of an idea and a dedication can see their dreams become a reality. “The sector has a wonderful story to tell and a bright future ahead and now is the time to recognise those businesses which help make the sector so proud. These awards are rightly the Oscars of great Maltese business and we leave no stone unturned to provide an unforgettable experience for both the nominees and the guests attending the gala dinner,” commented Martin Vella, Managing Director.


There are a number of benefits to submitting nominations to Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® programs. The pantheon of past Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® winners include Prof Edward de Bono, Prof David Attard, Chev Maurice Mizzi, Dr. Adrian Attard Trevisan- AAT Research, Diane Izzo- Dizz Group, Christine Pace- Dorkins, Chef Marvin Gauci- Tarragon/Caviar & Bull, Roderick Psaila- AgriBank, Alfred Munoz- MAPFRE Middlesea, Deborah Schembri- STM Malta Trust & Company Management, Matthew Bugeja- Ecabs, John Schembri- Shield Consultants, Kevin Norville- Tipico, Donna Greaves Bonello- PKF, George Mangion- PKF, Olga Finkel- WH Partners, Raphael Arnold- Netrefer, Mario Gauci Snr- Burmarrad Commercials Ltd, Alexander Telin- Artist, among many others.

Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards® are organised by MBR Publications Limited. Nominations for this year’s grand event CLOSE ON 13TH September 2018.​

For further information, nominee registrations and sponsor packages please contact: Margaret Brincat, Mob: 9940 6743; Email: margaret@mbrpublications.netadmin@mbrpublications.net

NOTICE:  Event Cancellation & Rescheduling


Event Cancellation & Rescheduling

Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2018 has been postponed and moved to Thursday, September 20th, 2018 due to unforeseen circumstance.


For further information please contact Martin Vella on 9926 0162




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