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Popular tastes ebb and flow in all things. For everything from music and fashions to food and holiday destinations, interest and desirability will wane over time as people seek new ideas and experiences.


Just the same trends affect the motor industry, and in the early 1990s the love affair between motorists and large-scale SUVs was showing signs of coming to an end. Sales figures for the premium market showed people moving back to more conventional choices such as sedans and wagons.


Lexus had already made its mark as a disruptor in the auto business when it arrived on the scene in 1989. Now it saw another opportunity to challenge the status quo and bring something completely new to the market.

The foundations were laid for the RX, a Lexus model that has consistently delivered success and innovation. Not only did the RX create a new market segment, it also went on to become the first luxury market vehicle to feature a self-charging hybrid electric powertrain.



Just as much as traditional SUVs had qualities that strongly appealed to motorists, they also had their downsides, which meant vehicle owners had to make compromises.

People liked the high driving position, the great all-round visibility, the perceived strength and stability, and the cool, rugged image of SUVs. The negatives were that they were awkward to drive around town, difficult to get in and out of, offered meagre fuel economy and handled poorly on the road.

Focusing on the positives and addressing the shortcomings, Lexus came up with a radical new concept – what came to be known as the luxury crossover.



Lexus shunned the traditional SUV format of a body attached to a separate frame. Instead, it used a single, monocoque construction like that for a car. In fact, it built the RX on the same platform as its ES 300 mid-size sedan - at the time, its best-selling model in North America. The result was a lightweight but highly rigid vehicle that handled smoothly and stably, without the body roll associated with many taller SUVs. It also looked less like a workhorse, with more rounded and aerodynamically efficient styling.

Its dynamic prowess was supported by MacPherson strut suspension with anti-roll bars front and rear, while the use of active engine mounts reduced vibration for a more comfortable ride. Thanks to reduced ground clearance, getting in and out of the RX was an easier one-step action, compared to taller SUVs.

The engine was also shared with the ES, a 3.0-litre V6 petrol unit, mounted transversely and matched to a four-speed automatic transmission. With 223 DIN hp, it could move the car from rest to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds. Key boxes were ticked: styling, acceleration, handling and quietness were all of luxury car quality.





Corum pushes creative boundaries once again with the AC-One 45 Openwork Automatic and Automatic Tourbillon.


In 2013, the Admiral collection welcomed a new line to the family- the #admiralacone. Keeping in mind the key design codes of the Admiral collection, the lines of the iconic dodecagonal-shaped case was reworked to become more rounded, and angles less prominent. Taking into consideration the size and weight of the 45mm diameter-case of the AC-One 45, titanium became the material of choice for this contemporary reinterpretation. Designed as a robust timepiece to complement luxury offshore boating, the #admiralacone 45 is even sportier, bolder and pushes the boundaries of creativity a step further.


This year, #corum presents the AC-One 45 Openwork Automatic, which introduces an exquisitely crafted skeletonized dial. The movement fitted within the AC-One Openwork Automatic is the caliber CO 297, a new movement that was developed by #corum in-house specifically for this model. The bridges visible on the dial side were specially designed to be in harmony with the dodecagonal-shaped case, as well as the silhouettes of the nautical pennants. A sub-dial displaying small seconds is at the 9 o’clock position, while the power reserve indicator sits at 3 o’clock. Like the AC-One 45 Squelette that was released in 2014, the ingenious architecture of the AC-One 45 Openwork Automatic juxtaposes this otherwise hefty timepiece with a touch of lightness and refinement. Unlike the Squelette which features a completely skeletonized double-date disks, #corum makes use of bolder and cleaner-cut lines to give a more robust and athletic feel to the Openwork Automatic. The AC-One 45 Openwork Automatic is presented in two variants. The first, with a case crafted in grade 5 Titanium to add lightness of the overall design, and at the same time evoke a futuristic vibe. The second variation pairs contrasting rose gold with black PVD-coated titanium as the case material, giving the watch a bolder and sportier feel. The back of the movement is visible through the screwed-in open back bronze cover with anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Both timepieces offer water resistance up to 100 meters, while the movement has a power reserve of 42 hours.


Taking mechanical beauty a step further: AC-One 45 Openwork Automatic Tourbillon


For aficionados who prefer something more complicated and gravity-defying, #corum has prepared the AC-ONE Openwork Tourbillon. At the six o’clock position lies a tourbillon, in addition to the above details present in the AC-One Openwork Automatic. This showcases the not only the beautiful heartbeat of the movement, but also Corum’s artistry and flare in technical watchmaking. The addition of a tourbillon also ensures higher accuracy in timekeeping under conditions at sea. Both the AC-One Openwork Automatic and Openwork Tourbillon also feature redesigned straps. Crafted with rubber on the surface and synthetic textile on its underside, these bi-material straps are designed to seamlessly integrate with the lugs. This minimizes any possible gaps between the lugs, strap and wrist, which not only makes wearing the watch more comfortable, but also protects the lugs and straps from being damaged by external aggressions.


credit: Lulop.com



Mum and daughter memories, instilled forever with Dolce & Gabbana Mini-Me. Discover the perfect pairing for family gatherings, celebrations,
and festivities to come. 









Mysterious and iconic - as a special monogram the head of Medusa represents the famous Italian fashion house Versace since 1993. In the same year,  #Rosenthal meets #Versace showcased one of the first porcelain collection: name and decor are highly influenced by the Greek deity. The collaborative work between the two international brands created numerous designs that were based on the iconic female head.


Here are our Medusa favorites from the #Rosenthal meets #Versace collections 2019:


Rosenthal meets Versace Medusa Grande

The elegant #Rosenthal meets #Versace collection welcomes its newest addition.

The iconic Break the Bank Medusa silhouette is reinterpreted – this time as a vase.
The three-dimensional Medusa was first envisioned as a bank, perfect for saving any loose change and ideal as a gift. This season, the slit on the top of Medusa's head is made larger, fitting perfectly an array of flowers. Crafted out of the finest porcelain, the legendary silhouette comes in two sizes.
The Medusa Grande is available in four tones: glazed white, black, silver and gold.


Rosenthal meets #Versace Medusa Gypsy

Gaze-locked by the Medusa! Fine porcelain boxes with Medusa-shaped lids keep your small possessions safe in #Versace style. Drawing inspiration from the international globetrotting life, the gypsy and the wanderer culture. These boxes are ideal for safe-keeping of all nomadic trinkets that tend to get lost easily – jewelry, hair pins, keys, safety pins or cufflinks.
The three-dimensional, representation of the Medusa comes in seven glazed colors: shiny gold, silver, black, white, pink, blue and deep blue.


Rosenthal meets #Versace Medusa Paperweight

As the gaze of the mythical woman had the power to petrify – or "lock" onlookers – the Medusa Paperweight "locks" or stops paper and books from moving.
Chosen for her beauty and strength as the symbol of #Versace, the Medusa Paperweight adds a chic dose of Magna Grecia to home décor. The three-dimensional Medusa is of quality crystal.
The paperweight is available in four color variants: clear sandblasted, blue, red and amber.


Rosenthal meets #Versace Medusa Kaleidoscope Gold
The new Medusa Kaleidoscope dish made from high-quality porcelain interprets the iconic #Versace Medusa head in a young and extravagant way. 35 intricate Medusa reliefs in white and one in gold adorn the dish and make this object, which is limited to 99 pieces worldwide, a statement piece in any interior.

Its production places the highest demands on the art of porcelain manufacturing and requires a high degree of manual work. The Medusa Kaleidoscope dish is produced in many individual working steps, whereby every detail is crucial to achieve the perfect result. Whether as a vase or dish, Medusa Kaleidoscope Gold harmonises perfectly with the current #Versace Home Collection 2019.


credit: Lulop.com


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