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Vote on Own Resources: MEPs clear way for COVID-19 recovery plan


  • EP paves way for member states to ratify Own Resources and kick-start EU economies
  • Legally binding calendar needed to introduce new sources of revenue
  • Any further delay in Council would harm social and economic recovery


MEPs accelerate the procedure that will enable the EU to borrow €750 billion for the “Next Generation EU” recovery plan.

MEPs have fast-tracked and voted already during the September plenary session on their legislative opinion on the Own Resources Decision (ORD). This removes an important barrier and speeds up the procedure to implement the key EU law to restart the economy, allowing the Commission to raise €750 billion on the markets for the recovery fund.


Wednesday’s vote makes it possible for the Council of the EU to swiftly adopt the ORD and start the ratification process in 27 EU countries - so that the recovery plan can be launched as soon as possible.


In its opinion, adopted on Wednesday by 455 votes in favour, 146 against and 88 abstentions, Parliament upholds its position on the need to introduce new sources of revenue to the EU budget that should at least cover the costs related to the recovery plan.

Parliament requests a legally binding calendar to introduce these new own resources. Financing the recovery must be sustainable through the introduction e.g. of taxes on transnational polluters and multinational corporations and not become a burden for the next generation, Parliament insists.



José Manuel Fernandes (EPP, PT), co-rapporteur: “Today, history has been made in the European Parliament. For 32 years, the EU did not have new own resources. The European Commission never went to the markets to borrow at this scale. This report paves the way for the approval of the Own Resources Decision by the Council and to the ratification process in the national parliaments. Time is of the essence for us to have the Recovery Fund after 1 January 2021. What is the Council waiting for?”


Valérie Hayer (RENEW, FR), co-rapporteur: "The borrowing for the Recovery is now on track thanks to the green light provided by the MEPs today. We will now ensure that the debt is repaid by tech giants, tax dodgers, big foreign polluters and others who do benefit from our single market but do not contribute fairly to our prosperity and the protection of our planet".


More information is available in the draft legislative resolution.



Parliament’s vote on the legislative opinion is a key step that will allow for the Own Resources Decision to be adopted by the Council and submitted for ratification by the 27 member states’ parliaments. The ORD is the legal basis that provides for the revenue sources of the EU budget.


Moreover, the new ORD will constitute the legal basis authorising funds to be borrowed on the financial markets to finance the Next Generation EU Recovery Instrument (NGEU). The Council adopts the decision by unanimity after having consulted the European Parliament. Before entering into force, foreseen for January 2021 together with the new MFF, the ORD needs to be ratified by the parliaments of all member states.

Parliament says shipping industry must contribute to climate neutrality


  • Parliament in favour of 40% reduction in CO2 by 2030
  • Maritime transport to be included in EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)
  • An “Ocean Fund” to contribute to protecting marine ecosystems


To decarbonise maritime transport, Parliament voted to include CO2 emissions from the sector in the EU Emissions Trading System.

On Wednesday, Parliament adopted its position on the Commission’s proposal to revise the EU system for monitoring, reporting and verifying CO2 emissions from maritime transport (the “EU MRV Regulation”) with 520 votes to 94 and 77 abstentions.


MEPs largely agree that reporting obligations by the EU and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) should be aligned, as proposed by the Commission. They note, however, that the IMO has made insufficient progress in reaching an ambitious global agreement on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. They ask the Commission to examine the overall environmental integrity of the measures decided by the IMO, including the targets under the Paris Agreement. A global ambitious agreement on GHG emissions from shipping is urgently needed, they add.


Maritime transport must be included in the EU Emissions Trading System

Parliament wants maritime transport to be more ambitious and believes ships of 5000 gross tonnage and above should be included in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).

However, MEPs say that market-based emissions reduction policies are not enough and request that shipping companies reduce their annual average CO2 emissions per transport unit for all their ships by at least 40% by 2030.


Establish an Ocean Fund

MEPs call for an “Ocean Fund” for the period from 2022 to 2030, financed by revenues from auctioning allowances under the ETS, to make ships more energy-efficient and to support investment in innovative technologies and infrastructure, such as alternative fuel and green ports. 20 % of the revenues under the Fund should be used to contribute to protecting, restoring and efficiently managing marine ecosystems impacted by global warming.



Rapporteur Jutta Paulus (Greens/EFA) said: "Today, we are sending a strong signal in line with the European Green Deal and the climate emergency: Monitoring and reporting CO2 emissions is important, but statistics alone do not save a single gram of greenhouse gas! That’s why we are going further than the Commission proposal and demanding tougher measures to reduce emissions from maritime shipping".


Next steps

Parliament is now ready to start negotiations with member states on the final shape of the legislation.



Maritime transport remains the only sector with no specific EU commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Global shipping activity emits significant amounts of GHG emissions, estimated to be around 2-3% of total global GHG emissions. This is more than the emissions of any EU member state. In 2017 in the EU, 13 % of total EU greenhouse gas emissions from transport came from the maritime sector

Air Malta issues call for a Chief Executive Officer


Air Malta today issued a local and international call for applications for a dynamic and an experienced leader to join its team in the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Whilst working closely with the Board of Directors, the CEO will be expected to manage the growth and performance of Air Malta, developing and implementing a global strategy, and assuming the responsibility for all strategic and commercial aspects of the company. The CEO will be responsible for the viability, growth, and sustainability of the organisation whilst promoting and supporting a stable, harmonious, and productive working environment for all. To thrive as a CEO, she/he is expected to be a judicious manager and an inspiring leader. Management experience is an utmost asset, as well as a proven track record of effective team management and a results-driven leadership. The selected candidate is expected to have business acumen with the ability to be agile and adapt to challenges and new developments in the aviation industry. The ultimate aim of the role of the CEO will be to strengthen the airline in its stance to explore new revenue streams, adopt new emerging technologies that shall enhance operations together with customer experience and guide the Airline towards long-term success. Applications, including a covering letter, should be sent by email to ceovacancy@airmalta.com

Applications close on Friday 2nd October 2020.

Air Malta saved the country from incurring €5.5 million in costs for the transportation of medical goods in the wake of the Covid-19 emergency


Air Malta was instrumental in saving up to €5.5 million in cargo costs, as it assisted the Government of Malta for delivery of some 800 tonnes of medical supplies to Mater Dei Hospital frontline workers at the height of the Covid-19 emergency. Air Malta was in fact crucial in engaging its commercial partners in securing substantial cost-saving on the delivery of this exceptional cargo. Following Mater Dei Hospital Logistics Department request for assistance, Air Malta Chief Executive Clifford Chetcuti intervened to find a better solution to a proposal submitted by a Hong Kong based logistics operator. As the National Airline attempted to respond to the request made by Government, it transpired that carrying some 800,000kgs of cargo would be logistically impossible, given that Air Malta would have had to operate some 100 flights to and from China. Another daunting challenge would have seen Air Malta crews be segregated into quarantine both in China and upon return to Malta. Analysing government’s request regarding this exceptional load, it only made sense that a specific dedicated ‘freighter aircraft’ be chartered to transport the supplies. Air Malta does not have this capacity. Air Malta CEO Clifford Chetcuti, assisted by staff at the Airline’s Cargo Section, engaged with various international logistics operators. It was through Air Malta’s excellent commercial relations with Qatar Airways, that a viable and far less costly solution was found to transport such an exceptional load to Malta. After negotiating, it was agreed that the cargo would be brought to Malta using eight special flights operated by Qatar Airways Boeing 777 Freighter. Minister for Economy and Investment Silvio Schembri praised the work done by Air Malta, whose intervention was ‘crucial not only in ensuring the record time arrival of the medical cargo, but also resulted in financial savings of some €5.5 million in transport costs for the country.’ Through such extraordinary savings, government was able to acquire more medical supplies in the form of PPE’s and masks for the front liners in our hospitals. ‘Moreover, this also shows the tenacity and diligence by management at Air Malta, who ensure in engaging with the right strategic commercial partners, who when the need arises, these same partners are there to support our National Airline,’ Minister Schembri said. Air Malta remains committed towards its social obligation to the people of Malta and Gozo.

Future of Events - The New Scenario


SHUT IT DOWN: The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said a “recent spike” in coronavirus cases around the Continent comes as a result of relaxed containment measures, recommending countries reinstall or reinforce them, particularly shutting down airports.


DANGEROUS WEEK: The coming days will be important in determining whether Malta has to introduce stricter measures, including a potential second partial lockdown. Everyone has to deal with his own conscience, but please let us not underestimate the problem, nor take unwanted actions without consulting experts from the respective labour sectors, or industry clusters.


More cash grants following the EU's COVID-19 cash supplements to Malta intended for struggling self-employed people during this period should be made abundant and immediate. Struggling self-employed, especially those working in the event sector, are being kept in suspended animation, without knowing their future and what is behind the corner. Action must be taken immediately as otherwise mass layoffs loom on the horizon.


Humans crave physical interaction with other humans. We want to be part of a tribe of other humans. That’s baked into our neuroscience. Our brains thrive around being around people who are just like us.

Getting back to normal will take some time, and events will look very different in the interim. Expect more sophisticated virtual participation options, smaller satellite events complementing larger gatherings, and people carefully examining the return on investment from attending. 


As for meeting and event planners and all stakeholders of the meetings and events industry, we are still witnessing the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. But little by little, we see the light at the end of the tunnel: Some countries are already easing lockdowns, and even the first events and conferences are going to be live very soon. as planners, we are more than capable of readjusting and adapting to the situation, aren’t we? In this time of uncertainty, we have to encourage ourselves for a new landscape in meetings and events. 


While the virus recovery timeline is still not promising, the events industry cannot remain frozen. Therefore, smaller events with a manageable audience are the immediate future of the industry. 

The event design is also bound to change dramatically due to social distancing requirements. At this point, it would be close to impossible to hold round table discussions, and personal interactions will be a challenge. Here are some notable changes in the future of events after the Coronavirus pandemic:



For an industry that thrives in human interactions, physical distancing will be a headache for event planners; they will have to book a large venue to host a small number of invitees. The event design will also have to adopt a new seating arrangement. For instance, planners might be forced to rethink seating, like forgoing the theatre style and go for a U-style, which allows for more distance while promoting conversations. 

If the venue does not offer a big space, organisers will require cameras in various rooms so that the speaker can reach a broader audience.


Apart from keeping invitees the required distance apart, you may have to find creative ways to register guests on the registration desk. If you must register invitees, you can use physical signage to show the correct distance in queues. You should also avoid handing out badges for a while. Alternatively, you can ask visitors to print badges at home and self-scan at the registration booth.



Event organisers like having a food or coffee buffet for guests in between sessions. However, catering will change since self-serving buffets put guests at risk. If event organisers have to plan for seated dining with the specified physical distance, the cost of food and beverage will skyrocket even with tight budgeting. Coffee and tea stations are a significant part of a conference, but after COVID-19, they may be a thing of the past. Instead of cups and coffee mugs, disposable cups will be preferable. But what about all the sustainability efforts then?



The major draws for face-to-face events are the socialising and networking components. It is fair to say that it would be too risky to attempt social activities soon. It will increase the chances of handshaking and mass gathering, which is against distancing requirements. However, event organisers can structure and guide networking sessions. For instance, encouraging seated interactions will ensure adequate physical distancing while having a conversation.



Minimal physical contact prohibits passing around a microphone during an interactive session. Luckily, social media pages and mobile apps can make up for the shortcoming. An attendee can post a question or comment using the event hashtag. It will also be best to allow guests to send questions to the speaker’s screen using their phones without jeopardising anyone’s health.




Even with the above changes, people will have doubts about attending a live event unless there are stringent measures in place. To put the invitees at ease, event planners could publish guidelines which might include:



Post-COVID-19 events will require thermal scanning at entrances. Therefore, event organisers should prepare for it. If the venue is not well equipped for thermal scanning, it will jeopardise the security of the conference. While there is speculation as to whether thermal scanning helps to curb the spread, it is an expected layer of protection. Installing thermal cameras in the venue will also give the invitees some reassurance.



Sanitising booths are becoming a staple in most public locations. The future of events after COVID-19 will have improved sanitation outside conference halls. A handwashing booth should be available with signage to instruct invitees. Before the event, planners should have push notifications via mobile apps to encourage handwashing at the event. Apart from providing sanitation services during your events, it would help if you gave away free masks.



Regular disinfection of high traffic areas and surfaces will be vital. Therefore, an on-site cleaning crew will come in handy. They can decontaminate doors, equipment, and high-contact surfaces. The new normal will also call for disinfection of the conference halls during breaks.



Event organisers may need to offer triage or a room to isolate staff or guests who fall ill during the event. If the affected attendee cannot leave immediately, the organisers should contact the local hospital. When putting together the event, it is also essential to have a plan for taking care of the vulnerable population. While you can discourage them from attending, when they show up, you need to have measures in place to ensure their safety.



Even when physical events are back in full swing, we expect a surge in the popularity of virtual and hybrid events. With the lack of a vaccine and fears of a second outbreak, event organisers will be wary of holding large conferences. Many organisers are already acquiring resources to boost attendance and quality of their virtual events.

RELATED: A Guide To Help You Host Virtual Conferences


Before the Coronavirus pandemic, virtual conferencing was an afterthought due to the need for human interaction. However, hybrid events are becoming a popular way of conducting events without jeopardising the safety of guests. Hybrid events enable a small group to attend a face-to-face discussion and involve a broad audience through multiple digital channels. Apart from enhancing the experience of virtual conferences, they provide global outreach. Guests from around the globe can convene and listen to the round table discussion from experts; they can also contribute and interact with other invitees.



Hosting events will be challenging after the pandemic. For most organisers, the risk component is unbearable and virtual, and hybrid solutions will be part of the new normal. However, with the right measures and involvement of health and safety experts, and guidelines in place, we will be able to organise, host or attend live events.

Il-Patt Ekoloġiku Ewropew jasal fil-livell lokali 


Il-Kumitat Ewropew tar-Reġjuni qed iniedi grupp ta’ ħidma ġdid biex jiżgura li l-bliet u r-reġjuni jkunu jistgħu jibdew jimplimentaw il-Patt Ekoloġiku Ewropew bi proġetti konkreti u b’finanzjament dirett lill-awtoritajiet lokali u reġjonali 

Il-Kumitat Ewropew tar-Reġjuni llum nieda l-Grupp ta’ Ħidma dwar il-Patt Ekoloġiku fil-Livell Lokali.  Magħmul minn 13-il rappreżentant elett lokali u reġjonali, l-objettiv tiegħu huwa li jiggarantixxi li l-bliet u r-reġjuni tal-UE jkunu direttament involuti fid-definizzjoni, l-implimentazzjoni u l-valutazzjoni tal-ħafna inizjattivi taħt il-Patt Ekoloġiku Ewropew, l-istrateġija ta’ tkabbir sostenibbli tal-UE biex tinkiseb in-newtralità klimatika sal-2050. 

Issa wasal iż-żmien li ninvestu flimkien u naċċelleraw it-tranżizzjoni lejn ekonomija nadifa, sostenibbli u newtrali f’termini tal-karbonju. Permezz tal-pakkett ta’ rkupru tal-UE u l-Patt Ekoloġiku Ewropew, għandna nirresponsabilizzaw u niffinanzjaw lill-bliet u lir-reġjuni biex nibnu r-reżiljenza u noħorġu mill-kriżi tal-COVID-19. Dan huwa l-messaġġ ewlieni li qed jasal mill-ewwel laqgħa tal-Grupp ta’ Ħidma dwar il-Patt Ekoloġiku. Il-Grupp ta’ Ħidma qed jibda l-ħidma tiegħu hekk kif il-Kummissjoni Ewropea ppreżentat strument ta’ rkupru ġdid ta’ EUR 750 biljun, u rrinfurzat l-elementi relatati mal-klima inklużi fil-proposta tal-baġit fit-tul ta’ EUR 1 100 biljun għall-2021-2027. Dan issa għandu bżonn l-approvazzjoni tal-Istati Membri tal-UE u l-Parlament Ewropew. 

Juan Espadas (ES/PSE), Sindku ta’ Sevilja u President tal-grupp ta’ ħidma, qal li: “Id-dinja qed tiffaċċja l-aktar reċessjoni ħarxa li nistgħu niftakru, iżda m’għandniex ninsew li l-isfida tal-klima għadha hemm. Il-Patt Ekoloġiku Ewropew huwa l-aħjar għodda li għandna biex nindirizzaw iż-żewġ kriżijiet flimkien. Huwa opportunità biex ninvestu fit-trasport pubbliku nadif, fl-enerġija rinnovabbli, f’akkomodazzjoni b’materjal iżolanti affordabbli, fl-agrikoltura sostenibbli, u fil-protezzjoni tal-bijodiversità. Din hija rivoluzzjoni pożittiva iżda ma tistax tinkiseb mingħajr l-involviment sħiħ tal-bliet u r-reġjuni u l-appoġġ Ewropew. Bħala President tal-Grupp ta’ Ħidma, irrid niżgura li t-talbiet tagħna jinstemgħu aktar u b’mod ċar.”

Waqt id-diskors tagħha fid-dibattitu dwar ‘l-irkupru ekoloġiku’, l-MEP Aurore Lalucq (FR/S&D), kopresident tal-Intergrupp tal-Patt Ekoloġiku Ġdid fil-Parlament Ewropew, qalet: “Il-Patt Ekoloġiku qabel il-kriżi tal-COVID-19 ma jistax ikun l-istess wara l-kriżi. Illum, neħtieġu aktar ambizzjoni, baġit tal-UE akbar u investimenti akbar. Il-Patt Ekoloġiku huwa s-soluzzjoni għall-kriżi ekonomika iżda wkoll l-opportunità biex jitnieda mudell ta’ żvilupp ġdid li jgħaqqad flimkien il-ġustizzja ambjentali u soċjali. Irid ikollna l-immaġinazzjoni, il-prammatiżmu u l-flessibilità biex id-deċiżjonijiet makroekonomiċi jiġu adattati għat-territorji permezz ta’ djalogu soċjali wiesa’.  Il-Patt Ekoloġiku huwa l-mezz adatt biex tiġi implimentata politika ambizzjuża tal-impjiegi u biex kull ċittadin Ewropew jingħata impjieg deċenti u paga deċenti. Sabiex nirnexxu, jeħtieġ li nimmobilizzaw l-atturi kollha fil-livell nazzjonali iżda wkoll fil-livell Ewropew u dak lokali. Huwa għalhekk li d-djalogu bejn l-Intergrupp tal-Patt Ekoloġiku Ġdid fil-Parlament Ewropew u l-Kumitat Ewropew tar-Reġjuni huwa essenzjali, daqs id-djalogu bejn l-istituzzjonijiet Ewropej u l-gvernijiet lokali.”

Waqt li kien qed jindirizza lill-membri tal-grupp ta’ ħidma, Diederik Samsom, il-Kap tal-Kabinett tal-Kummissarju Frans Timmermans, Viċi President Eżekuttiv tal-Kummissjoni Ewropea responsabbli għall-Patt Ekoloġiku Ewropew, qal: “Nimpenjaw ruħna li niżguraw li l-Patt Ekoloġiku tassew jasal fil-livell lokali. Il-kriżi tal-COVID-19 titlob li nadattaw għal realtà ġdida iżda wkoll li nipprijoritizzaw u naċċelleraw l-implimentazzjoni ta’ dawk l-elementi tal-Patt Ekoloġiku li jikkontribwixxu b’mod dirett għat-tkabbir u l-impjiegi, pereżempju, il-“mewġa ta’ rinnovazzjoni”, l-ekonomija ċirkolari u l-ekoloġizzazzjoni tal-bliet u t-trasport urban tagħna. L-ebda tranżizzjoni mhi se tirnexxi jekk ma tkunx ankrata sew fil-bliet u r-reġjuni Ewropej. Irridu naħdmu flimkien biex niksbu riżultati għall-Ewropej.”

L-għan tal-Grupp ta’ Ħidma dwar il-Patt Ekoloġiku fil-Livell Lokali huwa li jiżgura li kemm il-Patt Ekoloġiku Ewropew kif ukoll l-istrateġija ta’ rkupru tal-UE fil-fatt jissarrfu fi proġetti tanġibbli u finanzjament dirett għall-awtoritajiet lokali u reġjonali. Il-grupp ta’ ħidma għandu tliet objettivi speċifiċi:

Li jlaqqa’ flimkien il-fehmiet tal-bliet u r-reġjuni fil-KtR dwar il-bosta inizjattivi ta’ politika fi ħdan il-Patt Ekoloġiku Ewropew, u jiżgura li dawn leħinhom jinstema’.

Li jiffaċilita l-ħidma konġunta tal-istituzzjonijiet tal-UE sabiex il-bliet u r-reġjuni jitqiegħdu fil-qalba ta’ politiki li jippromovu n-newtralità karbonika.

Li jwassal l-isfidi li l-awtoritajiet lokali u reġjonali jiffaċċjaw waqt l-implimentazzjoni tat-tranżizzjoni ekoloġika lokalment u li jenfasizza l-kisbiet u l-aħjar prattiki tagħhom, sabiex tiġi ffaċilitata r-replikazzjoni tagħhom fl-Unjoni Ewropea.  


Id-dossiers prijoritarji attwali tal-grupp ta’ ħidma jinkludu l-Liġi Ewropea dwar il-Klima u l-Patt Klimatiku, il-Fond għal Tranżizzjoni Ġusta, strateġija industrijali ġdida għall-Ewropa, arja u ilma nodfa, idroġenu, il-Pjan ta’ Azzjoni għal Ekonomija Ċirkolari l-ġdid, bijodiversità u l-foresti.


Il-Grupp ta’ Ħidma huwa magħmul minn 13-il membrumis-sitt kummissjonijiet kollha u mis-sitt gruppi politiċi kollha fil-KtR, u dan jagħmlu inizjattiva tassew orizzontali u inklużiva. 

Juan Espadas (ES/PSE), Sindku ta’ Sevilja (President)

Roby Biwer (LU/PSE), Membru tal-Kunsill Komunali tal-Komun ta’ Bettembourg

Manuela Bora (IT/PSE), Kunsillier u Membru tal-Gvern Reġjonali tal-Marche (fil-laqgħa tal-lum sostitwita minn Donatella Porzi (IT/PSE), Kunsillier Reġjonali tal-Umbria)

Isabelle Boudineau (FR/PSE), Reġjun ta’ Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Viċi President, Affarijiet Ewropej u Internazzjonali

Vincent Chauvet (FR/Renew Europe), Sindku ta’ Autun (Dipartiment ta’ Saône-et-Loire)

József Kóbor (HU/AE), Membru tal-Gvern Lokali ta’ Pécs

Markku Markkula (FI/PPE), Membru tal-Kunsill tal-Belt ta’ Espoo

Michael Murphy (IE/PPE) Membru tal-Kunsill tal-Kontea ta’ Tipperary

Ricardo Rio (PT/PPE), Sindku ta’ Braga

Stelpstra Tjisse (NL/KRE), Membru tal-Kunsill Eżekuttiv tal-Provinċja ta’ Drenthe

Mirja Vehkaperä (FI/Renew Europe), Membru tal-Kunsill tal-Belt ta’ Oulu

Bernd Voß (DE/Il-Ħodor), Membru tal-Parlament tal-Land ta’ Schleswig-Holstein

Hanna Zdanowska (PL/PPE), President ta’ Łodź


Il-grupp ta’ ħidma ser jiltaqa’ fuq bażi regolari u jikkontribwixxi għas-sessjonijiet plenarji tal-Kumitat Ewropew tar-Reġjuni, u l-ewwel kontribut se jingħata waqt il-plenarja tal-1 u t-2 ta’ Lulju li jmiss b’dibattitu dwar “Reġjuni u Bliet għal Irkupru Ekoloġiku” , bil-parteċipazzjoni tal-MEP u l-President tal-Kumitat ENVI tal-Parlament Ewropew, Pascal Canfin. Ser isiru żewġ dibattiti oħra: wieħed dwar il-QFP futur fid-dawl tal-irkupru wara l-kriżi tal-COVID-19 mal-Kummissarju Johannes Hahn, u ieħor dwar l-aspetti ekonomiċi tal-irkupru wara l-COVID-19 mal-Kummissarju Thierry Breton.




Ikklikkja hawn biex taċċessa l-portal web il-ġdid 'Green Deal Going Local'.  


Aqra hawnhekk ir-riżoluzzjoni dwar il-Patt Ekoloġiku adottata mill-Kumitat Ewropew tar-Reġjuni f’Diċembru 2019. 


X’qed jingħad mir-relaturi għall-Patt Ekoloġiku: issa tista’ taqra s-serje ġdida tagħna ta’ intervisti hawnhekk. 


Il-Patt Ekoloġiku Ewropew huwa l-pjan direzzjonali biex l-ekonomija tal-UE ssir sostenibbli. Dan jinkludi strateġija ġdida ta’ tkabbir sostenibbli flimkien ma’ sett ta’ miżuri leġislattivi, azzjonijiet ta’ politika u mekkaniżmi ta’ finanzjament. Għandu tliet objettivi: li ma jkunux hemm emissjonijiet netti ta’ gass b’effett ta’ serra sal-2050; li t-tkabbir ekonomiku jiġi diżakkoppjat mill-użu tar-riżorsi, u li l-ebda persuna u l-ebda post ma jitħallew jibqgħu lura (Kummissjoni Ewropea). L-ambitu tal-Patt Ekoloġiku Ewropew jinkludi l-oqsma li ġejjin: 


Enerġija sostenibbli

Ekonomija ċirkolari

Trasport nadif 

Natura u bijodiversità

Ikel u agrikoltura

Finanzjament ekoloġiku

Air Malta starts sales for its Safe Corridor Summer 2020 schedule


Air Malta has just launched its new Summer 2020 schedule based on the safe corridor concept and has today opened its reservation systems for sales. Flights to Catania, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Prague and Luxemburg will start operating as of the 1st July, with flights to Zurich and Geneva coming online a week later. Flights prices start at just Euro39 one way and are available on-line on www.airmalta.com and through all local and foreign travel agents. After nearly three months of only operating ‘lifeline’ flights to London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Rome, Air Malta is excited to start welcoming scheduled passengers again and looks forward to flying over 150,000 passengers between our European destinations and Malta in collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority, Malta International Airport and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association. The Airline’s ‘lifeline’ schedule will remain in operation. Air Malta Holidays, the Airline’s brand of package holidays that includes flights and hotel accommodation, will also have special packages that it will be selling overseas to attract tourism to Malta. In the coming days, the Maltese Airline will be launching a strong social media campaign on its channels to entice tourism to Malta with really attractive offers.

Air Malta makes 69 pilots redundant as ALPA fails to cooperate


Air Malta stated that talks with ALPA (the Airline’s pilot union) on measures to avoid redundancies in order to safeguard its ongoing sustainability and viability, failed. After numerous lengthy meetings, Air Malta and the union did not reach an agreement and consequently the Airline was left with no other choice but to proceed with the redundancies of 69 of its pilots. The Airline stated, that while the other unions representing the rest of its workforce understood the need to accept changes required to safeguard their livelihood, ALPA instead resorted to making unreasonable demands at a time when the Airline’s revenue has been severely compromised due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Air Malta regrets the stance ALPA has taken to the detriment of its members, which forced the Airline to take the undesired action with the resultant consequences to a large segment of its pilot workforce. Air Malta remains committed to ensure the connectivity of the Islands to its major core European routes and its ongoing sustainability to the benefit of the remainder of its workforce and the Maltese economy it so supports.

Air Malta reaffirms its commitment towards its customers


Air Malta confirms its full commitment towards its customers and reiterates its promise to honour all requested refunds and process any of the three voucher options selected by customers that can be used on future flights. The closure of most airports, with the consequential sudden stop of most of revenue from ticket sales, was not a scenario the aviation industry in general ever envisaged. Air Malta, like many other airlines, is offering several refund options to ensure the sustainability of all the stakeholders in the travel distribution chain and facilitate the requests of customers. Air Malta said that, to date, following the sudden closure of airports, the Airline cancelled over 5,000 flights, disrupting travel plans of over half a million passengers, and possibly many more to come as the Airline restructures its network going forward. To date, the Airline received over 40,000 requests for refund, rebooking or applications for one of the voucher options offered to its customers. As time passes and the network takes shape, many new requests are expected. “It is indeed an unprecedented situation and the Airline has mobilised a large number of additional resources from across the Company to process these requests. Air Malta understands the concerns of the customers with delays in getting replies, however, unfortunately, it’s difficult to reply in a timely manner. For transparency and to set the right expectations, the Airline has, however, committed to clear the backlog of requests by the end of October. Although it is taking longer than it normally would, the Airline remains committed to honour each request”, said the Airline. Air Malta thanks its customers for their patience, understanding and continuous support during these difficult times, however, also hopes that the new flight schedule commencing on the 1st of July will offer more people the opportunity to fly.

EP supports local authorities fighting the effects of the pandemic


Besides Parliament’s core activities, President Sassoli has offered EP support to local authorities providing meals, shelter and a COVID-19 testing centre.

The current precautionary measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 have not affected the European Parliament’s capacity to ensure the legislative, budgetary and scrutiny functions of the Institution.

Besides its core activities, the European Parliament contacted the local authorities to offer its support in addressing the socio economic consequences of the crisis in its three main places of work. As result, different agreements with local authorities are in place to address specific requests and needs due to the current circumstances.

“We are all involved in an emergency which touches people’s lives. This crisis must push all of us, including the institutions, to set a good example” said European Parliament President David Sassoli.



Thanks to its logistical services, the European Parliament provides about 7,000 meals per week, since 14 April, distributed in collaboration with various charitable associations: Resto du Coeur Saint Gilles, DoucheFLUX, the Red Cross, Mother Teresa and CPAS Ixelles. Parliament has also started to deliver meals for medical staff at Saint Pierre hospital.

In addition, 100 vulnerable women have been offered a shelter on EP Brussels premises. The Samusocial of the Brussels Region has been running the fully equipped installations in EP’s Kohl building since 29 April. The Parliament also provides the associated catering 7 days a week to them in a cafeteria reorganised to respect all precautionary measures.

The European Parliament has also made available part of its car and truck fleet for the transportation of supplies and delivering meals to nurses and doctors.



Parliament cooperates with the local Croix Rouge in coordination with the city of Strasbourg and provides 500 meals/day, seven days a week for people in need.

In agreement with the Prefecture du Bas-Rhin, a screening centre of the COVID-19 opened in the EP in Strasbourg on 11 May in the Louise WEISS building. Four Medical diagnostic laboratories from the region are responsible for the tests of the general population and the actions are supervised by the Regional Health Agency of the Grand-Est (ARS) and the Prefecture du Bas-Rhin. The EP also offered also its car/truck fleet for the transportation of supplies if needed.



The EP cooperates with local associations Abrigado, Caritas and Croix-Rouge and provides 500 meals/day, seven days a week for people in need. Interpretation booths (with glass windows) used for external missions have also been provided to a nursing home in Bettembourg to allow the residents to see their relatives, after long weeks of confinement, without the risk of contamination.


Contacts and footage

Please note that while the European Parliament has made its premises available, the initiatives are managed by the local authorities and associations. If you need further information you can contact them directly.

In order to respect as much as possible the work of the local organizations and avoid disturbing services or their privacy, the European Parliament Media Centre has a collection of photos and videos downloadable and ready to use with images from the initiatives in Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg.


Useful Contacts

List of contacts from the local authorities the European Parliament collaborates with in addressing the crisis in its three work places:



Useful Links

In order to respect as much as possible the work of the local organizations, the European Parliament Media Centre (https://multimedia.europarl.europa.eu/en/coronavirus-outbreak_14903_pk) has a collection of photos and videos downloadable and ready to use with images from the initiatives in Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg.


The Grimaldi Foundation reaches out to Mater Dei Hospital in time of need.

















The Grimaldi Foundation is an organ of the Grimaldi Group of Naples, Italy.  A global ship owner and operator connecting several continents and having concentrated intra and extra Mediterranean networks served by next generation green vessels and a young fleet.

The Group is a family run business headed by Emmanuel Grimaldi, now in its third generation with solid values and strong humanistic beliefs.  It is through this ethos that the Grimaldi Foundation was instituted with the specific aim of being always prepared to provide help where needed in difficult situations such as the current pandemic.

Grimaldi Group, well known locally through the regular, dedicated ferry services connecting Malta to the European mainland and several other destinations then on, has a 50 year uninterrupted service history with Malta of which the Grimaldi family are particularly fond and proud of and continues to commit itself to providing this life link especially during difficult times.

As a tangible recognition of this legacy, the Grimaldi Foundation has taken the initiative to support Mater Dei Hospital in the procurement of vital equipment required in this time of need.  A donation of Euro 100,000 was presented to the Ministry of Health to go towards medical equipment.

The donation was organized through the Grimaldi Group agents and representatives in Malta: Sullivan Maritime Ltd.


Why responsible and sustainable (ESG) investing is now mainstream: deVere CEO


Economic and social upheaval plus the collapse of oil prices have pushed responsible and impactful investing further into mainstream finance, affirms the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organizations.

The comments from Nigel Green, the chief executive and founder of deVere Group, come as the global coronavirus emergency continues and as oil prices went negative this week for the first time in history.

Mr Green says: “At the start of 2020 I said that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing would reshape the investment landscape in this new decade – but this phenomenon has been dramatically and irreversibly accelerated by the current situation.

“Even before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, ESG investments often outperformed the market and had lower volatility over the long-run.  

“What is perhaps more impressive is that those investments with robust ESG credentials are still typically continuing to outperform throughout the coronavirus-triggered stock market crashes where major indices were extremely volatile, with some plummeting 20 per cent.

“Clearly, this is going to increasingly attract both retail and institutional investors seeking decent returns in turbulent times.”

He continues: “The collapse of oil prices, which are likely not to rebound to pre-crisis levels in the short-term, has also helped drive ESG investments to the top of the performance charts and keep them there.

“This is because ESG funds circumnavigate oil stocks, so their performance will not be adversely impacted by the fall in share prices.

“There is a wider and growing force behind the rise of Environmental, Social and Governance investing,” says Nigel Green.

“The current situation has acted as a wake-up call in many respects.  

“It underscores that human health is reliant upon healthy ecosystems; that we need to ensure the sustainability of supply chains; and that those companies with robust corporate governance and good business practice fare better in difficult times and are ultimately best-positioned for the future.

“This growing collective awareness of mutual responsibility fits perfectly into the narrative of ESG investing.”

The deVere CEO concludes: “The collective wake-up call delivered by Covid-19 plus the search for profits in these highly unusual times are catapulting responsible, sustainable and impactful investing into the mainstream.”


MGA | The Malta Gaming Authority and the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit sign a Memorandum of Understanding


The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) have consolidated their long standing relationship by means of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), specifically aimed at improving the sharing of information and co-operation between the two entities, on the areas of supervision of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), provided for by the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (Cap. 373 of the Laws of Malta).

The MGA’s Chief Executive Officer, Heathcliff Farrugia, said he was delighted to sign such an important MOU with the FIAU, stating: “Our relationship with the FIAU has gone from strength to strength, particularly since the introduction of EU’s 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive.  Due to the nature of our roles, we are in regular contact, also conducting joint supervision on MGA-licensed entities.  This MOU will thus continue to strengthen this collaboration, underpinning our resolve to ensure Malta’s gaming sector is kept free from crime, preventing money laundering and combating the funding of terrorism.”

Kenneth Farrugia, Director of the FIAU, said that "the MGA is a strategic partner of the FIAU in ensuring that the highest levels of AML/CFT compliance are applied across the gaming sector. The MOU will therefore further strengthen the long-standing excellent relationship and the level of collaboration between the two authorities and demonstrates our commitment and determination in increasing Malta's effectiveness in combatting money laundering and terrorism financing.”

The provisions of the MOU also allow both parties to discuss avenues of further co-operation in the area of AML/CFT, including in relation to training of respective employees, training of persons and entities licensed by the MGA, and assessing the competency on AML/CFT of individuals holding key positions with licensed entities, particularly those appointed as Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO).

The MOU was signed by Heathcliff Farrugia, Chief Executive Officer of the MGA and Jesmond Gatt, Chairperson of the FIAU.

Air Malta Replies to the ECA and ALPA


Air Malta refers to the letter sent to Malta’s Prime Minister, Dr Robert Abela, and the Minister for Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, Mr. Silvio Schembri, by the European Cockpit Association of which ALPA, the union representing Air Malta pilots, is a member. Air Malta notes that it would have been better if ALPA sat around the table with the company first to discuss the financial implications of the pandemic on the Airline. Air Malta highlights the fact that ALPA repeatedly dismissed offers from the airline to reach an agreement, that would have been sustainable and would have safeguarded the employment of its members. ALPA’s attempted display of force, seeking to leverage the company into paying pilots more than other employees in a time of virtually zero revenues is appalling. During times of crisis it comes without saying that all stakeholders should be cooperating to safeguard the survival and long-term viability of the airline, not personal interest. The airline also notes that it is ironic that ALPA is now making comparisons with pilots employed with other European Airlines when in the past the union refuted such comparisons when the company had proposed similar conditions which were more at par with the industry norms. Air Malta highlights an excerpt from the ECA letter where it says, “The burden of the current situation must be borne equally by all employees from the very top to the bottom. Pilots are willing to carry their fair share of the burden, after ensuring that the process of meaningful consultation has been duly carried out…”. The airline notes that this is precisely what it tried to do with ALPA several times, but it was ignored. Air Malta insists that pilots should not feel entitled to be paid more than other employees, in a situation where its members are at home with absolutely no work and the company is facing economic hardship. While temporary arrangements are necessary to deal with the ongoing crisis, the union has clearly shown that it will leverage its position when presented with the opportunity. The airline’s primary interest is to ensure that it safeguards its longterm viability and that its operations are not compromised. Longerterm measures are therefore required to protect the airline and its sustainability from unjustified leverage, once it starts flying again. Air Malta is responsible to safeguard all its employees and therefore cannot prefer one section over others.

Air Malta offers more flexibility and value for cancelled flights due to Covid-19


Air Malta has today announced three new options for all customers who have had their flight cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The new terms offer more flexibility and value to customers in the form of travel vouchers that range from future credits to an extra 30% Travel Voucher of the value of the fare purchased. These options are only redeemable once per booking. Option 1: Ready to ‘Book your trip’ - if you currently know when and where you want to go. The ‘Book Your Trip’ option, allows customers to change their destination (if flight is originating from Malta) and choose a new date within 12 months from the date of the original flight free of charge. In addition, a Eur20 Travel Voucher for each flight and passenger booked will be offered to all those that choose this option. This Travel Voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue on any Air Malta operated flight. It is fully transferable and non-refundable. Option 2: ‘Save your trip’ - if you don’t currently know when and where you want to go. The ‘Save your trip’ option will offer customers an additional 30% of the value of the original fare price (excluding taxes and fees). These Travel Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue on any Air Malta operated flight. These are fully transferable and nonrefundable. Option 3: Decide on your ‘Trip Later’ - if you are not sure you are going to travel in the future. The Travel Voucher with this option is valid for 12 months from the date of issue on any Air Malta operated flight. It is non-transferable and fully refundable. If not used, you can apply for a refund of the Travel Voucher in the last month of its validity. More information and links to apply for any of these options is available here: www.airmalta.com/information/keep-your-trip-for-the-future Following the receipt of these online forms, customers will be contacted and sent their Travel Vouchers. Air Malta is ensuring to offer the best options for its customers during these extraordinary circumstances. It wishes to thank all its clients for their loyalty and continuous support during these difficult times.

Air Malta and the Union of Cabin Crew


Air Malta issued a statement to explain the ongoing industrial challenges it faces with the Union of Cabin Crew (UCC) after proposals were put forward by the company. The said proposals had ensured that all its members were guaranteed a minimum social take home pay, even when its members would end up unproductive staying at home, because of the reduced schedule as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company had given UCC multiple deadlines (out of genuine goodwill to reach an agreement) to accept the company’s proposals, but no confirmation was forthcoming and for no justifiable reason. The Airline was today informed through a communication sent by the UCC that 90% of the votes counted were in favour of the proposal given by the company. It is regretful that only after the unavoidable process of redundancies notified to the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER) was initiated, that the UCC decided to put the company’s proposal to a vote. Considering the UCC’s intransigence during previous discussions aimed at avoiding redundancies, the trust between the union and the company has been severely dented. The company is not confident that the UCC will cooperate as required and is concerned that the company might be in the same position in four weeks’ time when the proposals would have to be reviewed with the DIER. The company noted that the UCC executive committee had primarily voted to not allow its members to voice an opinion on the airline’s proposal. The vote today accepting to implement certain measures proposed to the Unions for a four week period is no longer sufficient to give the company the reassurances it requires. The UCC was informed that a longer-term solution is required, from both ALPA and the UCC, for the company to have the peace of mind that it will not find itself in the same position, or worse, in a matter of weeks or months. Therefore, out of respect for the employees represented by the union, the company is willing to utilise the remainder of the consultation period to discuss and agree on a deep process of restructuring of a permanent nature intended to achieve a package which will ensure that the company can survive the post COVID period and be sustainable and viable going forward. Only through a comprehensive permanent agreement with all the unions will the company feel it has the required assurances to reconsider its position.


Panaxia Is Preparing for European Sales: Announces an Agreement for Temporary Use Rights in an R&D Facility in Malta for the Commercial Production and Marketing of Its European Cannabis Products in Europe


Dr. Dadi Segal, Panaxia CEO: "Using the Malta facility is a significant stepping stone as we enter the European market. We believe this makes Panaxia the first company in Israel in the field of medicinal cannabis to begin selling in the EU. We are in progressive stages of registering and certifying our advanced products – starting in Germany and Denmark and other countries to follow. We aim forward to realize Panaxia's vision to bring our patients in Israel as well as new patients in Europe a broad variety of advanced reproducible and safer medicinal cannabis products, meeting groundbreaking pharmaceutical standards not currently found in the market."

Pharmaceutical company Panaxia Labs Israel Ltd. (Panaxia Israel) (TASE: PNAX), the largest manufacturer of medical cannabis products in Israel, announced today its contractual agreement with the holder of controlling interest, Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries, to use the research and development of the holder of controlling interest in Malta for the production and extraction the company's advanced products (such as oils, inhalers, sublingual tablets, suppositories) designated for the European market.

The agreement allows Panaxia to use the Maltese R&D facility and commence its European activity. The Maltese operations are expected to commence within a few months, subject to complete conversion of the facility into a commercial facility meeting the requirements of the EU-GMP standard and the receipt regulatory approvals from the Maltese government. By that, to the best of the company's knowledge, it shall become the first medicinal cannabis company in Israel to commercially manufacture and sell medical cannabis products in EU countries.

The Maltese facility to be operated by Panaxia is ready to extract cannabis inflorescence. It has the capacity of producing several hundred thousand products annually, which will join the ensemble of products already manufactured in Israel.

At first, the company is expected to begin its operations in the German and Maltese markets. The company has announced that is in the process of registering its products in additional European countries, which, once complete, will allow it to manufacture its products in the Maltese facility and market them in additional countries.

Dr. Dadi Segal, Panaxia CEO, stated: "Using the Malta manufacturing facility is a significant stepping stone as we enter the European market. We believe this makes Panaxia the first company in Israel in the field of medicinal cannabis to begin selling in the EU. We are in progressive stages of registering and certifying our advanced products and contracting distribution and marketing agreements – first in Germany and Denmark and then in other countries. In line with our strategic plans, in recent months we have emphasized massive preparation work geared towards our European expansion. Starting our manufacturing and marketing activities through the Maltese facility allows us to shorten our time to market with high quality products that meet the most rigorous standards, developed based on the international R&D capabilities of Panaxia. We aim forward to realize Panaxia's vision to bring our patients in Israel as well new patients in Europe abroad variety of advanced reproducible and safer medicinal cannabis products, meeting groundbreaking pharmaceutical standards not currently found in the market."

About Panaxia Israel 

Panaxia Labs Israel, Ltd. is a publicly traded company at TASE (TASE: PNAX). It is the largest Israeli manufacturer and home-delivery distributor of medical cannabis products, and the first to have received the approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health for the manufacturing of medicinal cannabis based pharmaceuticals (under the IMC-GMP directive). The company manufactures over 30 hemp-based medicinal products and has accumulated a broad foundation of clinical experience based on tens of thousands of patients.

Panaxia is part of the Segal Pharma Group, owned by the Segal family and founded over forty years ago. The company manufactures over 600 different pharmaceutical products that are distributed in over 40 countries worldwide. Panaxia Labs Israel is a subsidiary of Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries, co-founded by Dr. Dadi Segal, Dr. Eran Goldberg, and Assi Rotbart, Adv. as the cannabis division of the Segal Pharma Group. A sister subsidiary, Panaxia US, manufactures in North America over 60 hemp-based medicinal products, including sublingual tablets, lozenges, oils, and inhalators aimed for the treatment of conditions such as PTSD, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, anorexia, burns, and many other ailments. Panaxia Group has over 150 employees, and all clinical trials are conducted by its members.

The Segal Pharma Group additionally owns Luminera Derm, manufacturer of injectable dermal fillers, and Tree of Life Pharma, manufacturer of over-the-counter drugs. For more information, visit the Panaxia website at: https://panaxia.co.il/

HSBC Malta introduces measures to support businesses affected by Coronavirus















HSBC Malta has introduced a number of measures to support businesses which may be negatively affected by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. These measures, which have already come into effect for those businesses which meet HSBC Malta’s credit criteria, include: capital repayment holidays; fee free temporary short-term working capital funding; faster turnaround on issuance of shipping guarantees and the waiver of urgency fees; as well as the waiver of amendment fees on Letters of Credit impacted by delays.


Joyce Grech, Head of Commercial Banking at HSBC Malta said, “The outbreak of the Coronavirus is having a significant impact on the global economy and, of course, Malta is also being affected. Throughout this challenging period, particularly for businesses in certain sectors, HSBC Malta is determined to do what it can to provide the support our customers need. As the situation develops, HSBC Malta will continue to monitor the situation and to assess what further measures may be necessary.”


HSBC Malta commercial customers who feel they require support due to the impact of the Novel Coronavirus on their business, are asked to contact their Relationship Manager, who will be able to provide guidance on the next steps. Each request for support will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Further information is available here: https://www.business.hsbc.com.mt/en-gb/mt/generic/important-announcement




For the safety and well-being of all our players and the general public and in terms of the Legal Notice 76 of 2020 published on Tuesday 17th March 2020 regarding the closure of places open to public including ALL Retail Gaming Establishments, Maltco Lotteries Ltd. shall be suspending the operation of its points of sale with immediate effect which will remain closed as from today Wednesday 18th March 2020 and until a further communication will be issued.

Participation in Maltco Games

In view of this, the company is issuing a set of guidelines aimed at informing Maltco Lotteries players about their participation in active draws as approved by the Malta Gaming Authority. 

Lottery Draws: As a result, the Super 5 (Draw 819) which was scheduled for this evening, as well as Friday’s SUPERSTAR (Draw 77) and Saturday’s Lotto & Quaterno+ (Draw 820) will be suspended and postponed to a later date. However, purchased tickets for any of these draws, will remain valid for when these draws are resumed.

U*BET: Any bets placed for events happening after this date are still considered as valid. Bet settlement and payment of winnings will be possible once the operation is resumed. In case an event is cancelled or postponed, the existing refund rules will apply.

Other Games: Sale of all additional Maltco games including Quick Keno, Bingo75 and Scratchers will also be suspended and will resume once resuming the operation. 

Consecutive Draws: Consecutive Draw tickets will remain valid for the respective draw numbers as stated on the tickets and will be held once the operation is resumed.

Payment of Winnings

Payment of tickets shall be also suspended and will be made available again once the operation is resumed. As directed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the cashing period of 60 days for winning tickets will be extended to 90 days. Furthermore, the period for claiming winnings may be extended further if required, as circumstances develop. 

This communication will remain in force until further notice. Maltco Lotteries will be informing the general public in the event of any changes announced by the authorities.  

For more information you may email info@maltco.net  visit the company’s website, social media pages or call Maltco’s Helpline on 23883333 which will remain open during the suspension period.



Maltco Lotteries, a modern and dynamic company established in 2003, holds the latest Licence and Concession to operate the National Lottery of Malta awarded in 2012. Maltco Lotteries provides high-quality, innovative and entertaining games (including lotteries, sports-betting, fast games and instant games) under the auspices of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Players can enjoy a friendly, secure and fun environment in the Maltco Points of Sale, participating in their favourite games, assisted by the well-trained in high client service Maltco Lotteries Agents.

Maltco Lotteries has invested in the state-of-the-art gaming technology and services of INTRALOT; guaranteeing security, trustworthiness, transparency and a superior gaming experience. Certified in Responsible Gaming, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and Security Control Standard (WLA SCS) by the European Lotteries and the World Lottery Association, Maltco Lotteries ensures the safest gaming environment through its Agents’ retail network, the largest one in Malta and Gozo, maintaining the leading position in the market. Maltco Lotteries has and exceptional track record in Corporate Social Responsibility, with continuous support to the Governmental Good Causes Fund and numerous Maltese charitable causes alongside the sponsoring of the local sports and athletes, sustaining the Maltese Society, Culture and Well-being.

Air Malta to suspend all commercial flights


  • Departing after 2359UTC on Friday 20th March, until further notice
  • On order of the Malta’s Health Authorities Following a decision by the Maltese Health Authorities,


Malta is banning all commercial travel to Malta for flights departing after 2359UTC on Friday 20th March, until further notice. This measure was taken to contain the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The ban does not apply to ferry, cargo and humanitarian and repatriation or special flights. Air Malta shall operate such flights as directed by the Government of Malta. Air Malta customers affected by this ban have the following options: 1) Maltese Nationals affected from this travel ban and who are currently outside Malta need to contact the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs Office. Residents can contact this office on +356 22042200 or by email on sitcen.mfea@gov.mt. The Ministry will be organising repatriation flights. 2) Non-Maltese Nationals need to contact their respective Embassies. 3) Customers who were to start their trip within the next 48 hours and have queries about their tickets can contact the Airline’s call centre on +356 25991230. 4) Customers who will not be travelling within the next 48 hours and all other passengers that require refunds can send an email to refundrequest@airmalta.com. Air Malta will keep its customers updated through its website www.airmalta.com and social media channels including www.facebook.com/AirMalta/.

Air Malta advises customers to check entry requirements before travel


As many regulations are changing rapidly Air Malta urges its passengers to check the last status on entry and travel requirements and restrictions specially for their final destination before commencing travel. Over the last few days many countries have introduced restrictions on travel, changing entry requirements to contain the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. These restrictions include an outright ban on entry of foreign nationals, suspension of visas, requirements to hold medical certificates, declarations that certain countries have not been visited in the past 14 days and others. Entry requirements keep changing. Passengers who are not fully compliant with entry requirements risk being sent back to the originating country. Passengers are strongly advised to check the entry requirements of their final destination, ensure that they have the correct documentation and continuously update themselves with the latest changes and be compliant therewith to avoid refusal of entry.

Air Malta Announces More Repatriation Flights – Organises return flight to Madrid


Air Malta is continuing to assist the Maltese Government to organise repatriation flights to bring home Maltese nationals and residents following the ban on travel. This measure was taken to contain the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Following are the flight details to be operated by Air Malta for next Sunday 15 th March 2020:


Maltese Nationals and residents affected from this travel ban and who are currently outside Malta need to contact this number: +356 22042200 or by email on sitcen.mfea@gov.mt. If so directed, the customers need to call Air Malta on +356 21691909 to confirm their travel arrangements. It is imperative that unless directed by the Government of Malta, Air Malta will not be in a position to confirm and process any travel arrangements. The Airline is constantly in touch with various Authorities and is closely monitoring the evolving situation. It will announce any changes as the need arises. Air Malta will be keeping its customers updated through its website www.airmalta.com and social media channels including www.facebook.com/AirMalta/.

Air Malta to Organise Repatriation Flight from Rome tomorrow


Air Malta is organising a repatriation flight tomorrow Monday 16th March to transport critical medical supplies and repatriate passengers from Rome to Malta. Maltese Nationals and residents affected from this travel ban and who are currently outside Malta need to contact this number: +356 22042200, email on sitcen.mfea@gov.mt or contact the Maltese Embassy in Rome to confirm their travel arrangements. The flight details are as follows:


Air Malta will be keeping its customers updated through its website www.airmalta.com and social media channels including www.facebook.com/AirMalta/.

Air Malta Assists the Government of Malta to Organise Repatriation Flights – Announces Three Repatriation Flights For Next Saturday


Air Malta is assisting the Maltese Government to organise repatriation flights to bring home Maltese nationals and residents following the ban on travel between Malta, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain.

This measure was taken to contain the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Flights from these countries have been suspended until further notice.

Minister for Economy, Investment and Small Businesses responsible for Air Malta, Silvio Schembri, thanked Air Malta for its collaboration in working with the Ministry to operate chartered flights to the mentioned destinations to bring back home stranded Maltese citizens. “I thank all of Air Malta’s staff dedication and commitment at such delicate times. It is at times like these when one sees the importance of having a national airline,” said Minister Schembri.


Maltese Nationals and residents affected from this travel ban and who are currently outside Malta need to contact this number: +356 22042200 or by email on sitcen.mfea@gov.mt. If so directed, the

Air Malta’s first flight took off on 1st April 1974. The airline has been instrumental in opening up and connecting Malta to the rest of the world, diversifying and presenting new tourism market opportunities to and from the islands.

Customers need to call Air Malta on +356 21691909 to confirm their travel arrangements.

It is imperative that unless directed by the Government of Malta, Air Malta will not be in a position to confirm and process any travel arrangements.

The Airline is constantly in touch with various Authorities and is closely monitoring the evolving situation. It will announce any changes as the need arises.

Air Malta will be keeping its customers updated through its website www.airmalta.com and social media channels including www.facebook.com/AirMalta/.

FIMBank Supports Beating Hearts Foundation ​


FIMBank has recently sponsored Beating Hearts, an independent non-profit foundation established primarily to support the needs of parents having children born with a congenital heart defect. 

Due to the Bank’s continued support, FIMBank was provided with a set of high-quality prints, revolving around the Tale of Two Cities theme, which consist of the photographic pairing of two selected cities. The Bank was provided with the pairings of Malta-New York and Malta-Manchester as collages. 

As a sign of appreciation towards the Bank’s contributions to this foundation, the President, Prof. Victor Grech signed the prints during an event organised by FIMBank. 

“The noble work of the Beating Hearts foundation is indeed endorsed by FIMBank. Prof. Victor Grech’s work and consistent effort to make a direct and positive impact on people who suffer from a congenital heart defect is indeed commendable. We look forward to supporting further initiatives undertaken by Beating Hearts” said Jason Zammit, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing. 

“FIMBank’s consistent support and assistance in our mission is highly appreciated. We have found FIMBank to be very willing in aiding us with our cause and it is thanks to such contributions that we can continue making inroads to help people with congenital heart defects” said Prof. Victor Grech. 

For further information about FIMBank, please visit www.fimbank.com 


Samsonite unveils the next generation of lightweight, secure polypropylene luggage

Samsonite continues to challenge the industry with its continued focus on innovation, to bring forward products that suit the trends and needs of how we travel. For the launch of its new Magnum™ suitcase, the market leader draws on its extensive experience and know-how in polypropylene luggage manufacturing to create the lightest framed polypropylene case in its class. Made in Belgium, this pioneering collection marks an unequalled fusion of lightness, durability, design and the most secure 3-point locking system.


Security meets a new era of lightness

The three-point locking system, launched as a Samsonite patented innovation in 1986, has continued to evolve over the last 30 years, offering travellers even greater security, practical travel use and facilitated opening and closing than ever before. Made in Europe and developed in-house at Samsonite by the world’s best luggage engineers and designers, the Magnum collection now combines the safety of three-point locking with an impressive weight advantage, unparalleled in its class. The Magnum Spinner 75 weighs less than 4kg, which is exceptional for a framed polypropylene suitcase, combining all the benefits of a framed luggage with the weight advantage of a zipped suitcase. This is thanks to a new revolutionary AEROBUST™ injection method and construction.


Made in Europe, a highly appreciated quality label

In today’s society, we are ever more conscious about the quality of the products we purchase, calling for greater transparency and pushing for durable options. With the new Magnum collection, Samsonite continues to invest strongly in its Belgian production and manufacturing base through innovative engineering. For the production of the Magnum collection, the factory uses robots and new production techniques along with more automated processes. The suitcase has been innovatively engineered with snap-fit components which allow for a smooth and sustainable assembly process. Eventually, looking at the future, this will open up new opportunities for customization, but without a compromise on efficiency.

Its intelligent, minimalist and sleek design allows for complete component integration. Not only from a functional perspective as all components are fully integrated for optimum ease and protection, but also from a design view as the texture runs through the components. With the introduction of Magnum, security meets a new ear of lightness with an impressive weight of less than four kg for a spinner 75, unparalleled in its kind.


A true family collection

Designed with young families in mind, this lightweight suitcase offers great protection, maximum packing space and many practical features allowing you to travel with confidence. Thanks to the many features, you can pack efficiently and keep everything wrinkle-free and organised. The suitcase comes with a fully lined (removable) interior, including an in height adjustable divider pad in the bottom compartment, in height adjustable cross ribbons in the top compartment and a large U-shaped pocket.

The suitcase comes with a double tube pull handle, double wheels, featuring a practical top and side carry handle on all sizes.

The Magnum collection is available in three sizes (Spinner 55, 69 and 75) and including a soft ‘Millennial Pink’ and a more traditional Dark Blue


About Samsonite

Founded in 1910, Samsonite is the world’s leading luggage brand with an extensive legacy in trendsetting travel solutions. Renowned for breakthrough research, development and its commitment to innovation, Samsonite has excelled since its inception in a number of industry firsts. Samsonite offers an extensive range of travel, business, kids, casual and personal accessory products. Samsonite helps travelers journey further, with ever-lighter and stronger products. 



IPL publish 22nd edition of Malta Hotels Directory

Introduces Google plus codes


The 2020 edition of the Malta Hotels Directory, published by Island Publications is now available.

This is the 22nd edition of the directory that was first published in 1999.

The directory is produced by Mosta-based Island Publications on behalf of the Malta Tourism Authority and is the official accommodation listing for the islands. It is available at all key international travel shows and fairs the MTA exhibits at, from MTA bureaux abroad and all its PR agents dotted around the world and, of course, locally from the authority’s information offices.

The 112-page directory lists all licensed hotels, tourist villages (well, there’s just one), guest houses and hostels on the islands.

This edition also includes another first in local publishing – Google plus codes. These work just like street addresses; when an address isn’t available or is too long, one can use a plus code to find or share a place on Google Maps.

A plus code combines two elements; a code of six or seven letters and numbers and the name of the locality.

By way of an example, the code for St John’s Co-Cathedral is VGX6+2X Valletta. (To find a location using plus codes open Google Maps on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. At the top, tap the search box and type the plus code.)

In 2012 the hotels directory was the first locally produced title to introduce QR codes alongside entries. 

Meantime, “it is heartening to see that in this digital age, there is still a need and want for a traditionally-produced version of this directory,” says IPL publisher Terence Mirabelli.

Hard copies of the Malta Hotels Directory 2020 are available from the MTA and may also be downloaded from the authority’s site (www.visitmalta.com/en/hotels).

MEA points at ‘Disillusionment in National Institutions’, proposes Parliamentary Reform 


 The Malta Employers’ Association presented a position paper with proposals for parliamentary reform to Minister Carmelo Abela, Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister during a meeting held at the MEA premises. During this meeting, a number of topics were discussed, among them the state of social dialogue in Malta, issues affecting the labour market and industrial relations, mandatory union membership and the principle of equal pay for work of equal value. 

The paper presented by MEA voices its concern about a growing sense of: ‘disillusionment in our institutions. Politicians are seen as crooked or incompetent; the business community is perceived as corrupt; our justice system feared as being selective and manipulated. This distrust in our institutions is also eating away at our core values, with many believing that you cannot make headway in life through honest means’. 

The Association sees the restructuring of parliament as ‘a critical means through which other equally important reforms might be implemented to restore a sense of normality and to safeguard against a reoccurrence of the current state of affairs.’ 

In essence, the paper proposes a leaner parliament with 45 fulltime members and a maximum of 8 Ministers. MPs will be paid at €55k per annum, Parliamentary secretaries at €65k per annum and Ministers at 85k annum. The Prime Minister’s remuneration will be €110k per annum. MPs will not be able to occupy any position with government entities, nor have interest in private sector companies which can create a conflict of interest with their duties as MPs. 

In addition, the paper also addresses the engagement of persons on positions of trust and party financing. The Association is recommending that the number of such persons should be limited to no more than 3 persons per ministry, and that there will be full disclosure of their contracts and duties. 

On party financing, MEA said that there should be a transition to partially state funded political parties, and that corporate donations and door to door collections will be strictly prohibited. Affiliated to the International Organisation of Employers (I.O.E.), Business European Capital Cities (BECC), European Centre of Enterprises with Public Participation and of Enterprises of General Economic Interest (C.E.E.P.) and BUSINESSMED The MEA stressed that these recommendations are meant to contribute to a more comprehensive exercise to restore faith in Malta’s institutions by the general public and internationally, warning that in the absence of reform, a relapse into a series of scandals and corrupt practices, would be catastrophic for Malta. 


Click here to download the full text of the paper. 


BDO’s strategy accelerates the organisation’s financial growth

year on year, with global revenues topping € 8.5 billion for

YE 30 September 2019


•    10.1%* increase in global revenues – up from + 8.3% in 2018 - cements BDO’s position as fastest-growing global organisation

     in the profession over the last 10 years

•    Focus on leadership ambition is delivering: a combination of significant organic growth and strong M&A activity

•    BDO’s 88,000+ professionals worldwide are readily embracing future-oriented technology, transforming BDO’s client service

     approach by applying skills and insights with a digital mindset

•    An innovation-first approach is driving business efficiency and value for clients

•    Focused market efforts and strategic M&A activity are helping to establish BDO as leaders in their chosen markets

*at constant exchange rates


BRUSSELS, 5 December 2019: BDO announces a total combined fee income** of US$ 9.6 billion /

€ 8.5 billion, for the year ended 30 September 2019, representing a year on year growth of 10.1% at constant exchange rates (+12.8% in euro; +6.9% in US$).


At year-end 2018, global CEO Keith Farlinger stated that his dream for BDO – focused on the concept It’s time for BDO to lead - is one of a people organisation that delivers innovation and value every day. As Keith himself puts it: “My ambition for BDO is to be a global organisation of leaders. We are one organisation, united under a common cause”.


In 2019, all BDO firms are actively embracing the global dream and bringing it to life in their day-to-day business. The organisation’s fundamental reason for being is outlined in its WHY, or purpose: People helping people achieve their dreams. This shapes how BDO people work with their clients, support their colleagues and interact with their communities.

**Including BDO’s exclusive alliances


One of the benefits of having a clearly stated WHY is reflected in the organisation’s consistent expansion in headcount, which is up 10% this year to 88,120 people: inspired by the WHY, people want to work for BDO. Working out of 1,809 offices worldwide, they are available to support clients as they grow and wherever they conduct their business.


Now  represented  in  167  countries  and  territories,  the  Americas  remains  the  organisation’s largest region @ 52.7%, with EMEA @ 34.9% and Asia Pacific @ 12.4%. BDO’s impressive growth is evident across all regions, with the strongest revenue increase in the Americas (+15.7%). The EMEA region also performed well (+12.9%), while in the Asia Pacific region, several firms have evidenced spectacular growth.


Audit & assurance remains BDO’s largest service line, bringing in 42.4% of revenues. This figure is less than in 2018, as advisory and business services & outsourcing have increased their contribution, @ 21.2% and 15.4% respectively. Tax services income remains similar to last year, @ 21.1%.


Strategic approach delivers financial strength:



BDO firms  aim to  be  leaders in  their  markets and  as these markets  are  subject to  continual technological transformation, the organisation continues to diversify in order to provide new digital solutions. This allows BDO to bring its clients insight and opportunities.


This approach is empowered by strategic merger activity and relevant business-critical acquisitions - in cybersecurity and digital solutions, for example. Firms such as BDO in Austria and in Belgium have made bold moves in acquiring other future-fit services. In 2019, key mergers included BDO in Australia merging with boutique cloud accounting and business advisory firm Consolid8, and one of BDO’s biggest-ever mergers with Moore Stephens in the UK. The firm in the USA continues to be BDO’s merger leader, having acquired customs and international trade practice Global Trade Strategies Inc. in Atlanta and crisis management and business continuity consulting and technology firm Lootok in New York, among others. A plethora of smaller, equally important acquisitions have been seen worldwide, such as that with Grant Thornton in South Africa, to name just one.


Individual firms’ strong organic growth has also helped to strengthen several important local market leadership positions across all regions. In Australia, Chile, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Romania, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, for example, BDO firms have all seen double-digit growth.


Choosing to lead in INNOVATION

BDO sees innovation driving value for clients and improving business efficiency and profitability. BDO’s culture of innovation is spear-headed by the increasingly influential BDO Innovation Hub, which promotes innovative projects and encourages collaboration. It has accelerated the co-creation of new ideas and the development of products, services and tools which benefit both clients and BDO firms.


Some of the innovation highlights that are available for the benefit of BDO firms include the Danish firm’s BDO Business Inspection tool, which helps companies to understand whether they are spending too great a proportion of their revenue on salaries and administration costs

- as well as how their spend compares to the competition. Tycoon has been developed by BDO in New Zealand, which has recognised the power of using gamification for employer branding and recruitment purposes and is currently rolling out their cloud-based, app-enabled business simulation game across all 370 secondary schools in the country. BDO in the Netherlands’ Security Sensor is for use by clients: a powerful deterrent to cyber threats, it can be employed both virtually and physically at various levels in a client’s organisation.


The shining example in BDO’s drive for innovation is their bespoke software, APT Next Gen. Working in collaboration with Microsoft, BDO has invested heavily in designing a globally scalable and secure platform. APT NG includes all the digitally enabled processes, methodologies and connected platforms to meet BDO partners’ and their clients’ specific business needs. This enables them to create new ways to interact and work together. At the time of writing, +/- 22,500 unique users have been onboarded to the tool, with 14,500 using it in the last 30 days alone. Also, in the last 30 days, APT has handled in excess of 1.291 billion backend requests. The total number of client engagements so far created within it, meanwhile, has topped 55,000 and its storage capacity now stands at 603 Terabytes for documents and 52 TB for databases.


Microsoft themselves have stated that APT Next Gen is a modern, digitally founded platform that allows BDO to amplify the relationship between technology and data in the audit context: “BDO’s APT Next Gen is pure digital transformation in action. This global, connected platform is highly adaptive and flexible, with cloud, data and intelligence at its core”. Kristin Johnsen, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Services.


Powered by leading technology, APT and other BDO platforms such as the Global Portal and Digital Suite are driving efficiency, streamlining the exchange of information and ensuring an improved digital experience and enhanced data analytics capabilities.


Choosing to lead as ADVISERS OF THE FUTURE

BDO’s people make the difference – and they are embracing AI and technology to improve the service and value they can create for their clients. There has been a strong focus on enhancing the digital quotient (DQ) mindset of all our 88,000-plus professionals: but the importance of human interaction has not been neglected. The BDO difference lies in remaining a people business, one that combines digital skills with relationships built on trust and a deep understanding of clients. BDO people share a common objective: the proactive creation and implementation of business solutions and creating value for our clients.


Global CEO Keith Farlinger comments: “This year, all BDO firms have evidenced the power of sharing the same global dream as leaders, proactively advising our clients with future-oriented solutions. In creating new ways to interact with our clients and with each other, we are shaping ourselves for the BDO of tomorrow.






BDO Malta exhibiting at ICE London – the world’s largest

gaming expo

BDO Malta will be once again exhibiting on stand N7-412 at ICE London between the 4th and 6th February at Excel, London. The theme for this year’s expo is ‘Step into the future’.


ICE London is recognised as the world’s largest gaming expo and will be taking place over three days with an estimated 35,000 delegates showing up for the expo. ICE London provides an opportunity to discover the latest in gaming innovation across all sectors. Over 150 countries will be represented at the show floor, offering an unrivalled and global platform to find new business and partnership opportunities.


BDO Malta, as leaders in the Gaming Advisory field, will be exhibiting for the duration of the event. BDO Malta is licenced to conduct MGA Systems and Compliance Audits for gaming companies as well as MDIA Systems Audits for gaming operators seeking to use Virtual Financial Assets to make and receive payments within their gaming operations.

Senior members of BDO’s Gaming Advisory team will be at the BDO Malta stand ready to assist in licensing, regulatory, compliance, tax and technology amongst other areas. We are also happy to discuss blockchain, Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) and other professional services provided by the Firm.


Gaming sectors which will be covered during this conference include betting, bingo, casino, lottery, mobile, online, payments, social, sports betting and street. Moreover, there are also several networking events throughout the three-day event.


Malta is regarded as the world capital for iGaming companies. The industry regulator - the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) – offers two licenses for operators, B2B and B2C.


Mark Attard, Partner and Chief Executive Officer at BDO Malta stated, “One of our values at BDO is helping people succeed. This is what we intend to achieve at ICE London, help new and existing gaming operators succeed in their business. The current gaming regulation positions Malta as a jurisdiction of choice for any entrepreneur seeking to maximise on business incentives in a well-regulated jurisdiction. ICE London is a great showcase for BDO and Malta.”


BDO Malta has built a dedicated team of Gaming experts, bringing together a range of business, legal and technology advisory skills.


For more information about Gaming services offered by BDO Malta or to set-up a meeting at ICE London, please contact us on g aming@bdo.com.mt or visit: https://www.bdo.com.mt/en-gb/industries/remote-gaming/igaming-services




About BDO

Forming part of the global BDO network, BDO Malta provides end-to-end corporate and business advisory services, assisting companies in driving their business towards further growth. BDO is represented in 165 countries and territories, with over 88,000 people in over 1,600 offices worldwide. With over 40 years of practice in Malta, the Firm assists clients across a wide range of industries, supported by solid technical expertise, deep market insights and an international business mind-set plugged into the BDO global network.


For further information, please contact: Carl Saydon

T: 23424266

E: carl.saydon@bdo.com.mt



Go Ventures to fund E 2 million for Tech Startup​ 

GO has started plans to launch the €2million Tech Startup Fund, after setting up the governance and logistical structures for the Fund, establishing connections and meeting potential candidates 


“Although we have a very strong telecommunications and IT infrastructure, we also realise that one of the ways for us to continue driving innovation is to partner with dynamic entrepreneurs in the digital domain. We also want to be among the first corporates to join the budding community of angel investors in Malta.  This is what spurred the idea of investing in local and international startup”, Nikhil Patil, CEO of GO stated during the launch of ‘GO Ventures’, GO’s €2 million Tech Startup Fund, in the presence of Mr Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation and other stakeholders in the Maltese innovation and tech start-up ecosystem.

“We are pleasantly surprised with the feedback we have received so far.  It is encouraging indeed and confirms that there is a huge demand for this project. In fact, once we announced this Fund, things immediately started shaking up and since then, we have been actively following up on a number of pitches we received and started discussing a few interesting prospects,” added Mr Patil.

Stefan Briffa, who is leading the GO Ventures project, gave a high-level overview of how the Tech Startup Fund will work. He explained that the GO Ventures investment package being made available includes cash, spacious co-working space in B’Kara, GO’s full suite of telecom and cloud services, access to markets and networks and mentoring. He added that GO Ventures will focus mainly on startups in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, internet of things, cybersecurity, blockchain, fintech and related areas. 

“Today, Malta offers many services to startup, however, they face a common problem in finding enough local sources of financing and investment. The ‘GO Ventures’ Tech Startup Fund will help address this challenge and by working with like-minded partners, GO wants to help foster a Maltese ecosystem of investment in innovation,” explained Nikhil Patil.

 “Most importantly, we want to lend our experience in growing businesses by investing in startup that demonstrate tangible potential in areas that are of interest to our business.   We also see this project as a vehicle to deliver yet more value to our shareholders and stakeholders,” he concluded.



New CEO for Burmarrad Group: Sharon Camilleri 


Burmarrad Group is pleased to announce that Sharon Camilleri has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer. 


The appointment took effect on the 9th of October and was met with unanimous support by the team. Amongst her colleagues, Sharon is known for her dedication to bettering Burmarrad Group over the years, focusing her energies not only on the group's portfolio of clients but also as a workplace. 


Her assistance and leadership style helped develop the business to be the market leader that it is today; and with this in mind, the directors and managers at Burmarrad Group is excited to see the direction Sharon will be taking the company as its new CEO. 


Prior to her appointment to CEO, Sharon Camilleri held the position of executive director at the family-run firm. Since a very young age, Sharon has been highly involved with the operations and management of Burmarrad Group, founded by her father Mario Gauci back in 1984. 

Sharon Camilleri joined the family business in 1994 as an administration and sales executive, moving up to executive director for the sales, purchasing and leasing departments. She is now responsible for driving the strategic growth and development of the group across all business sectors. 


Burmarrad Group specialises in leasing, rentals, sales and servicing for all types of vehicles. Approved repairers for Peugeot and Citroen as well as official distributors and service partners for Carrier Transicold, Chereau bodies, Dhollandia Tail – Lifts, Pegaso Lifts and Piaggio Commercial Vehicles. Diversification was always the Company’s forte, and all subsequent business ventures were taken with one goal in mind: to develop Burmarrad Group as a player in the automotive industry and real estate. The company is ISO9001:2015 certified since 2008 and employs over 65 personnel.


Maltco Lotteries publishes its CSR Publication 2018/19​


Maltco Lotteries publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility Publication covering July 2018 to June 2019, which highlights actions taken regarding the company’s four key pillars: Responsible Gaming, Sports, Charity and Retail. 


The Publication gives a detailed insight on the CSR initiatives undertaken by the company during the aforementioned period. This includes; the company’s efforts towards promoting and applying the Responsible Gaming principles in favour of the player, sponsorships to support local sport athletes and events as well as the contributions made to local charities. Retail initiatives and agents’ continuous training are also part of Maltco Lotteries’ main annual focus. 


A copy of this publication can be obtained from the company’s official website under the Corporate section. 

For further information email info@maltco.net, visit the Maltco website www.maltco.com or call 23883000.

MBR participates at the EMP Fest, on Oct. 18th

We at MBR are ready to participate with our stand in this important event,  which we are also sponsoring, that it is going to be organised concurrently during the SMEs National Forum, in the Oracle hall foyer/ syndicate rooms  at the Dolmen Hotel – Qawra, between 8.00am-3.30pm. 


This year's event, is being organised in collaboration with the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, MEAINDEX, and the Ministry for Education and Employment. 


In this Event you can find a number of elite speakers that will be sharing their knowledge and experiences on topics related to employment in Malta, particularly focusing on SMEs.


Hon Christian Cardona - Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, Hon Evarist Bartolo - Minister for Education and Employment, Isabelle Maquet - Deputy Head of Unit B4 responsible for Malta and Spain at DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission. Joseph Farrugia Director General MEA, Dolores Sammut Bonnici current MEA President, Dana Farrugia- CEO Tech.mt Foundation, and Dr Anne Marie Thake – Head of Public Policy, University of Malta are amongst the main speakers who will be addressing the participants.

Main Panel Discussion “How SMEs are expected to handle employability in a quasi-full employment scenario?”

 3 Separate Symposia,

“Sustainable Employment Through Education”

“Employment in a fast-changing Demographics scenario”

“Employment Strategy and its ripple effect on the Economy.”


The Event will come to an end with a Networking Lunch and an EMPfest whereby more than 20 entities coming from government and commercial businesses will be present, offering services and assistance to all those present.


This is a National Event supported by PwC Malta, Corporate Dispatch and Dolmen Hotel and sponsored by BOV, Tech.mt, Malta Enterprise, Jobsplus, Identity Malta Agency, GCS recruitment Agency and Zaffarese Group.

For further details and registration email to anton.vella@maltaemployers.com. 



See more 


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Maltco supports European Week of Sport for the fifth consecutive year​

For the fifth consecutive year, Maltco Lotteries will be supporting SportMalta and will be once again participating in the European Week of Sport. The aim behind the European Week of Sport is that of promoting participation in sport and physical activity whilst raising awareness on the benefits of being active and participating in some sort of physical activity.


For the 5th edition of the European Week of Sport, Maltco will be donating 5 Indoor Rowing Machines to SportMalta. Following the European Week of Sport, the machines will be utilised by SportMalta and thus the general public will benefit from this donation.


Apart from this generous donation, Maltco Lotteries will be also partnering up with SportMalta and will be once again organising the Maltco Indoor Rowing Challenge. This event will be one of the main activities of the #BeActive night organised at Kirkop Sports Complex on Saturday 28th September. 


The Maltco Indoor Rowing Challenge is open for everyone. There are different categories based on age and gender. Individuals placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their category will be awarded a medal during the medal presentation held during the same event. The challenge is free of charge and will be held between 19:00hrs and 21:00 hrs. Anyone interested in taking part must fill in and submit the form to SportMalta before or on the day of the event. 


People attending the #BeActive night, have also the opportunity to participate in different sports such as: badminton, teqball, pickleball, table soccer, table tennis and subbuteo. Fitness classes and a weightlifting competition will be also organised. The #BeActive night will finish with a Zumba party which will be held from 23:00hrs to midnight.


For further information email info@maltco.net, visit the Maltco website www.maltco.com or call 23883000.

Operatic and Symphony          

Celebrity Concert - OMAGGIO A GIUSEPPE VERDI (1813-1901)


The Societa’ Filarmonica Nazionale La Valette of Valletta will be presenting a special Operatic and Symphony Band Concert entitled Omaggio a Giuseppe Verdi /Tribute to Giuseppe Verdi, encompassing overtures,arias,duettos and choir selections from Verdi’s repertoire.


The La Valette Symphony Band is marking the 145th anniversary of its foundation and the 92nd anniversary of its historical victory at the International Bands Competition held in Como,Italy.


It will be held on Saturday 9 November 2019 at 7.30pm, Auditorium,Catholic Institute, Floriana.

The Como Concert is under the distinguished patronage of HE Dr George Vella,President of Malta.


Renowned Tenor Kaludi Kaludov from Bulgaria and Soprano Anna Dytry from Poland will perform arias and duettos from Verdi’s major operas. —- La Traviata, Aida, Rigoletto,Il Trovatore,La Forza del destino.  The Coro Bel Canto will perform selections from Nabucco,La Traviata, Aida, Il Trovatore.


Kaludi  Kaludov from Sofia, Bulgaria, enjoys a highly successful international career having performed at the La Scala of Milan; and various opera houses of Trieste, Genova, Paris,Buenos Aires,Chicago and Houston in the USA, Berlin and Hamburg in Germany,and Vienna; he distinguished himself in Verdi’s Aida conducted by Mro Zubin Mehta in Tel Aviv,Israel, performing  with world famous opera singers including Renato Bruson, Plácido Domingo,Sherill Milnes,Mirella Freni, under famous conductors like Claudio Abbado and Riccardo Muti. Kaludi has a rich repertoire of Verdi’s operas - Attila,Ernani, La forza del destino, La Traviata,Il Trovatore, Aida.


Anna Dytry was born in Poland and specialized in singing under the expertise of Kaludi himself.  She performed leading roles of Micaela in Georges  Bizet’s Carmen, Desdemona  in Otello, Leonora in Il Trovatore,Elisabetta in Verdi’s Don Carlo, Liu in Madame Butterfly and Tosca in Giacomo Puccini’s operas, Elvira in Mozart’s Don Giovanni,Giulietta in Les Contes d’Hoffman  by Jacques Offenbach,performing in opera houses of Vienna, Maastricht,Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia.


The La Valette Symphony Band will perform under the baton of Mro Dominic Darmanin.


OMAGGIO  A GIUSEPPE VERDI promises to be a tribute to Italian Opera by Malta’s leading Symphony Band  —-  Not to be missed!


Booking from Societa’ Filarmonica Nazionale La Valette, Republic Street,Valletta;  Telephone:  20997001


Email: lavaletteband1874@gmail.com


Catholic Institute, Floriana


STM Malta Named ‘National Winner’ in Prestigious European Competition


STM Malta Trust and Company Management Limited has been named ‘National Winner’ in the 2019 European Business Awards, one of the world’s largest business competitions.


It was chosen from 2,753 businesses named as ‘Ones to Watch’ in a list of business excellence published in July and selected as a National Winner by a panel of independent judges including business leaders, politicians and academics. It is the best business in Malta  in the The Customer and Market Engagement Award with Turnover of €0-25M category and will now go on to represent Malta in the final stage of the competition.


Deborah Schembri, Managing Director said “I am thrilled that STM Malta made it to the final stages of the competition, since we competed with excellent local companies.  This achievement is dedicated to all the team at STM Malta”.


The company is licensed as a Retirement Scheme Administrator with the Malta Financial Services Authority. It is also authorised to act as trustee or co-trustee to provide fiduciary services in terms of the Trusts and Trustees Act.


Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “This is a significant achievement and STM Malta is an outstanding leader in their field. To be chosen as a National Winner means you show great innovation, ethics and success and are one of the best businesses in Europe. We wish STM Malya the best of luck in the final round.”


A final round of judging will take place on the 3rd and 4th December in Poland and a Gala Ceremony will be held on the 4th of December where the overall category winners for the 2019 European Business Awards will be announced.


The European Business Awards is now in its 12th year and its primary purpose is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe. This year it considered over 120,000 businesses from 33 countries. Sponsors and partners include Inflexion, Germany Trade & Invest and Cision PR Newswire.



A New Deal for Consumers: Operators of online platforms should also be liable​

The rapporteur, Samuel Azzopardi, believes that the EC’s proposal is a move in the right direction, but regrets that rules on the liability of online marketplaces are missing​

With an opinion drawn up by Samuel Azzopardi (MT/EPP), councillor, Rabat Citta Victoria, Local Council, Gozo, the European Committee of the Regions welcomes the publication of the EC’s proposal to lay down a minimum EU-wide framework for collective redress scheme mechanisms across the Member States, which could bring a real opportunity for consumers to obtain redress in cases of mass damage. The revision and update of existing consumer rules in response to current challenges ensures that such rules remain relevant and fit for purpose. This should, however, only be considered as a first step in the right direction.

The opinion, adopted at the plenary session on 10 October, reflects on the EC’s proposal to lay down a minimum EU-wide framework for collective redress scheme mechanisms, bringing an opportunity for consumers to obtain redress in the event of mass damage and thus plugging the current gap in the enforcement of EU consumer rights. It also seeks to modernise consumer rights. The Committee supports the broad scope of the proposal for making a real impact in areas where mass harm occurs and covering other practices that are detrimental to consumers and more largely to the public.


The rapporteur, Samuel Azzopardi, recommends that collective redress mechanisms be extended to other cases of mass harm, including cases of mass environmental damage, harm done to common goods, and in respect of health and safety regulations or violations of employment rights, in order to bring about easier access to justice for all Europeans. He also draws attention to the fact that consumer organisations which can be designated as qualified entities may have limited financial capacities. Consumer organisations in smaller Member States are concerned in particular. Lack of financial capacity should not hinder organisations from being designated as qualified entities.


“European consumers and citizens need stronger protection and legal security”, said rapporteur Azzopardi. “I believe that the right of withdrawal is an important consumer right that should not be weakened in the absence of any conclusive evidence of misuse”. In this respect, the report points out that the minimum fine for widespread infringements, amounting to 4% of a trader’s annual turnover, is not adequately dissuasive.


Finally, the report regrets that rules on the liability of online marketplaces are missing in the EC’s proposal. “Operators of online platforms should be liable in cases where they fail to inform consumers that a third party is the actual supplier of goods or services or where they fail to remove misleading information disseminated by the supplier, which has been reported to the operator”, said Mr Azzopardi.


The European Committee of the Regions


The European Committee of the Regions is the EU’s assembly of regional and local representatives from all 28 Member States. Created in 1994 following the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, its mission is to involve regional and local authorities in the EU’s decision-making process and to inform them about EU policies. The European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission consult the Committee in policy areas affecting regions and cities. To sit on the Committee of the Regions, all of its 350 members and 350 alternates must either hold an electoral mandate or be politically accountable to an elected assembly in their home regions and cities. Click here for more information on your national delegation.


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Get ready for the cypto showdown of the century!​

In just 2 weeks, some of the greatest crypto minds will illuminate the much anticipated Malta Blockchain Summit. The Regulatory Conference and The Marketing & Investment Conference will storm the stage during day one.

The Regulatory Conference​

The Regulatory Conference kicks off the expo and attracts some of the most prominent personalities of the industry. Prime Minister of Malta, the Honourable Joseph Muscat will set the standard with his keynote speech, welcoming the movers and shakers of the crypto sphere. Around lunchtime, the cream of the crypto crop shake-up the conference with the ICO Pitch. The industry innovators of the sphere will battle it out for an illustrious 50k crypto prize.


The Marketing & Investment Conference​

The afternoon heats up with the Marketing & Investment Conference. Liaise amongst some of the key figures of the crypto scene and spark up a debate about the topics that troop the industry. One of the most impressive instances of this Conference is the appearance of AI inspiration, Sophia the robot, where in collaboration with her creator, she will give her take on ICO investment.


With the countdown in its penultimate week, the curtain for final tickets is closing. Secure your spot in one of the most momentous conferences to shake the industry – not to forget the deluxe soirees that follow.

Secure your Ticket


Trending News in Blockchain​


ColdLar releases latest hardware wallet​

Craftchain releases Top 50 influencers​

Trending News in Blockchain​

Marco Mottana and Fabrizio Crimi will be launching CFX – CryptoFXForinvest at the upcoming Malta Blockchain Summit.

Craftchain released a first-edition global Top 50 Influencers Ranking. The ranking was issued through their partnership with the Malta Blockchain Summit.​

ColdLar Wallet released its latest product, Pro 3, a hardware wallet with a fully support EOS ecosystem with added NFC update synchronisation and an upgraded interactive experience. 

Other News


New kid on the block​


The inaugural edition of the Block is officially out. Packed to the rafters with interviews and cutting-edge features, the bi-annual publication illuminates the cutting-edge applications of blockchain and DLT, with a specific focus on how this exciting new tech has captured the imagination of the Maltese Islands.​


Email us for a free copy or scan through it here​

MGA Publishes its 2017 Annual Report and Financial Statements

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has published its Annual Report and Financial Statements for the financial year ending 31 December 2017. The report provides an overview of the activities and work performed throughout the year by the MGA which mainly focused on the finalisation of the new Gaming Act, coming into force in 2018, and on the enhancement of its compliance systems, including the implementation of the requirements of the EU 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive.


Throughout 2017, the MGA also focused on enhancing its IT systems, as reflected in the introduction of the Licensee Relationship Management System (LRMS), a secure and dedicated portal featuring a one-stop shop for licensing and reporting and a new communication channel.


The Annual Report also looks at 2018 and beyond, whereby the MGA will be focusing on the implementation of the new regulatory framework, the transition towards a risk-based approach to regulation, the continued implementation of onerous AML (Anti-Money Laundering)/ CFT (Combating the Financing of Terrorism) obligations, and the application of the General Data Protection Regulation, and its impact on operators and the MGA alike.



The following are the key highlights from the Annual Report:


During the year under review, the MGA generated a total revenue of €66.3m in licence fees, gaming tax and other administrative fees and fines, compared to €62.5m in 2016. This represents an increase of €3.7m or a 6% year-on-year increase;


The direct contribution of the gaming industry to the Maltese economy was valued at €1.1 billion in 2017, with approximately 9,800 full time jobs created within operators directly in the sector and other associated businesses;


In January of the same year, the MGA launched a licensing and regulatory regime based on the Skill Games Regulations for the online skill games sector, including the creation of a specific B2C and B2B licences for ‘controlled skill games’;


It also conducted a thorough study to assess the application of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the use of cryptocurrencies in a sandbox environment, with the objective of issuing a consultation paper and subsequently, guidelines, in 2018;


As highlighted above, the MGA kept investing in its IT systems, most notably on the introduction of a New Licensee Relationship Management System accessible through a secure and dedicated web portal. This system has changed the way the MGA interacts with its existent and prospective licensees through the digitisation of regulatory and licensing processes;


In 2017, the MGA further enhanced its AML/CFT supervisory mechanisms, including the implementation of the EU 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive. This involved cooperation with the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) to develop supervisory practices and procedures, sector-specific guidelines, and joint supervision;


MGA’s most important achievement was the finalisation of the new Gaming Act which was tabled in Parliament earlier this year. The new law is set to overhaul completely the way the Authority regulates the sector, once it comes into force in 2018.



In publishing this report, Heathcliff Farrugia, Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Gaming Authority, stated that: “Last year was perhaps one of the most exciting years for the MGA. The ongoing efforts and relentless work of MGA officials on the various projects the Authority embarked upon was reaching its final stages, with the new regulatory framework and the 4AMLD being the most notable ones.


Their introduction in 2018, coupled with the investment in IT systems shall continue to elevate our regulatory standards, by strengthening our controls and empowering the Authority to adopt a risk based approach towards enforcement and supervision.”


Whoever wishes to receive hard copies of the Annual Report may send an email to info.mga@mga.org.mt

GLMS welcomes Maltco Lotteries Ltd within the GLMS family


Maltco Lotteries Ltd has today become the 31st Member of the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS). Maltco Lotteries has been a firm and traditional supporter of sport of all levels in Malta and with a long-standing commitment to responsible gaming operations in all its products.


GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi states: “We are delighted to welcome Maltco Lotteries Ltd to our Association. Maltco once again proves its commitment to responsible and sustainable sports betting operations, but also to an ethical driven sport in the highest interest of all Maltese citizens. The joining of Maltco will no doubt further strengthen this unique global alliance of Lotteries that have joined forces to safeguard the credibility of sports, fully in line with the core lottery integrity mission and values”


Vasileios Kasiotakis, CEO of Maltco Lotteries, adds: “Being an operator that respects both society and its customers and sharing a strong commitment to responsible sports betting operations, Maltco is pleased to join the GLMS, notably as it has been lately enhancing its operations and intensifying its regulatory efforts and activities. We look forward to benefiting from the GLMS services and also contributing to its important work for the benefit of sport and society

GiG announces headline sponsorship of Malta Pride 2018


“We don’t just believe that iGaming should be fair and fun for all, we believe that life should be fair and fun for all. And to demonstrate our support, today we’re teaming up with Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC) to be Malta Pride 2018’s main partner”.


GiG (Gaming Innovation Group) will be the main partners of Malta Pride this year, Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC), the organisers of Pride have announced. A week-long celebration with different activities will take place between 9-16 September 2018 with the main Parade and open air free concert to take place on Saturday 15 September. The theme of Pride this year will be ‘Pride in the heart of the Mediterranean’.


GIG is a fast-growing tech company with over 450 employees based in Malta but also located in Spain, Norway, Denmark and Gibraltar totalling over 700 employees. Earlier this year, their ultra hip offices by St. George’s Bay were inaugurated by the Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat.


Mikael Ångman, Chief Operations Officer of GiG said: “We are proud to be the headline supporters of Malta Pride, an event we believe to be a highlight in Malta’s calendar! GiG’s vision is to change the iGaming industry to make it fair and fun for all. A huge part of that is to have a diverse workforce and provide an atmosphere where everyone can be the best version of themselves, no matter their background or sexual orientation. We want to encourage everyone to be able to be who they are without fear.”


ARC is a voluntary organisation dedicated to support the LGBTIQ community in Malta by organising monthly events, campaigning for better sexual health, collaborating with rainbow-friendly businesses and co-ordinating Malta Pride.


“Studies are showing that countries that support LGBTIQ rights are better off in economic development and social wellbeing. We are witnessing this in Malta as well and we are finding a lot of positive collaboration with the business and civic communities”- Clayton Mercieca, the co-ordinator of this year’s Malta Pride said. “We are also aware however that negative attitudes and stigma still persist and an event like Pride is an occasion to bring different minorities together in support of each other and give courage to people who are still too afraid to live their truth. To have such a major employer like GIG supporting Pride gives us a lot of encouragement to make each year’s Pride a better one than before – not just for the fanfare and glamour that is fun for all the family, but because there is a lot of isolation in our small islands that makes it very hard for minorities like the LGBTIQ community to integrate”.


Following a record turnout participation last year, ARC has initiated its intent to host an International Pride event in five years time and has become a member of the European Association of Pride Organisers.


Several local artists will be performing for the crowds at the open air concert which will be held after the parade in Valletta. In addition, the Italian Drag duo Karma B. will be entertaining the crowds with their spectacular acts. More information will be available on www.maltapride.org

InnoEnergy organises the world´s leading event for sustainable energy innovations


Pitching sessions from more than 150 start-ups, leading energy experts, live product demonstrations and much more


InnoEnergy, Europe’s largest sustainable energy innovation engine, will host the sixth edition of “The Business Booster” (TBB), Europe´s catalyst for clean energy innovations. This year´s event, taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 17 -18 October will focus on the theme “The Future is Now”. More than 700 attendees from over 30 countries are expected to join the 150 cutting edge sustainable energy innovations, which can be discovered in the accompanying exhibition.


“The Business Booster is the only event that brings together the most innovative start-ups from all over Europe with established industry players, investors and public-sector institutions to accelerate Europe´s clean energy transition”, says Elena Bou, Innovation Director, InnoEnergy. “In addition to the start-up´s pitching sessions, visitors can attend round tables, live product demonstrations, and parallel sessions.”

Premiere: Experts´ presentations and reverse pitching​

For the first time, InnoEnergy is organising parallel and reverse pitching sessions. In the first format, leading experts in their fields will present their latest innovations and show how their companies have revolutionised the storage, transport, wind and smart city sectors. While in the reverse pitching sessions, enterprises from across the energy sector will approach InnoEnergy´s entrepreneurs to look for sustainable energy solutions to their challenges.


“Each year, we are reinventing The Business Booster to provide start-ups and energy industry representatives with a bigger, better, and increasingly insightful agenda”, Bou says. “Our unique mix of sessions, product demonstrations and networking events create ideal conditions for delegates to discover the latest innovations, create partnerships and increase brand awareness. The clean energy revolution has happened, and the future of sustainable energy is now.”

From high-performance storage solutions to automatic heating control​

Among this year’s exhibitors are Swedish-based Northvolt, which is building Europe´s largest lithium-ion battery factory. Betterspace from Germany, on the other hand, develops components to enable automatic heating control for non-residential buildings. Swedish-based Watty will present their patent-pending energy data analytics tool that monitors energy use from every electrical appliance in households with a single sensor to save money and energy. France-based DCbrain has developed a Big Data solution to exploit and maintain complex industrial networks, while Skeleton Technologies from Estonia develops high-performance energy storage solutions based on breakthrough graphene material.


The first speakers have now been confirmed, including key-note speaker Dr. Daniel M. Kammen, Professor of Energy at the University of California in Berkeley, who has served as a lead author on various reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. In addition, panel debates and parallel sessions will include scientist Robert Rosner, Founding Director of the Energy Policy Institute of the University of Chicago, and industry experts Lars Aagaard, CEO of the Danish Energy Association, and Michael Sen, Member of Siemens Managing Board.


Early bird registration is available until 31 July. Further information, agenda, exhibitors and speakers can be found at tbb.innoenergy.com.


About InnoEnergy


InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe.  We support and invest in innovation at every stage of the journey – from classroom to end-customer. With our network of partners we build connections across Europe, bringing together inventors and industry, graduates and employers, researchers and entrepreneurs, businesses and markets. InnoEnergy was established in 2010 and is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).


Courtesy: KIC InnoEnergy SE; Writemeanything

MEDIA RELEASE FIMBank hosts Corporate Client Event

FIMBank recently hosted a reception for its local corporate clients which was held at the Bank’s Head Office. The event served as an excellent opportunity for the Bank’s clients to interact with their Relationship Managers and customer-facing employees. The Chairman and CEO of FIMBank greeted the clients and thanked them for their attendance. Jason Zammit, Head of Real Estate stated that, “FIMBank has built a reputation on its ability to build strong relationships with its clients. As a customer centric Bank which proactively listens to its clients, we are committed towards tailoring financial solutions to meet their specific needs.” He also emphasised on the importance of such events as it enables the Bank to build a stronger rapport with its growing local customer base. In addition to FIMBank’s real estate finance proposition, the Bank also offers a comprehensive range of trade financing, factoring and cash management services. Describing the Bank’s client relationship management approach, FIMBank’s Head of Cash Management Chris Trapani said that, “The Bank is strongly geared to offer a wide range of Cash Management services to businesses. Our strategy hinges on a personalised approach, with a consistent commitment to adapt to the latest technology and innovation to provide added value to all our clients.”


For more information about FIMBank plc, please visit www.fimbank.com

Single digital gateway: a time saver for citizens and companies


Easier for citizens and businesses to do their paperwork online

Key administrative procedures to be fully accessible

Examples include: birth certificates, car registration, European Health Card, study loan and grant applications and business permits


The single digital gateway will help citizens and firms to access information and administrative procedures online, e.g. to apply for study loans or register a car.


A provisional deal struck with the Council on 24 May to set up a single digital gateway, to make it easier to find information, forms and assistance for people moving to or doing business in another EU country, but also for those staying at home, was endorsed by the Internal Market Committee on Thursday, by 33 votes to three, with one abstention.


This European single entry point will be integrated in the “Your Europe” portal, available in all languages. It will provide access and links to national and EU web sites and web pages, in a user-friendly way, to enable users to exercise their rights and comply with their obligations within the single market.


EU member states will be required to grant online access to the most important and frequently used procedures.  In “justified exceptional cases of overriding reasons of public interest in the areas of public security, public health or the fight against fraud”, member states may ask the user to appear in person for a procedural step. The information, online procedures and assistance services provided must be of high quality and accessible to users with disabilities. A user feedback tool will also be available.


Marlene Mizzi (S&D, MT), who steered this legislation through Parliament, said: “Today, the Internal Market Committee has achieved an important milestone in improving and easing citizens’ interaction with public authorities through the digitalisation of public services and the completion of the digital single market. The new rules will provide responsive, inclusive, borderless, user-friendly digital public services to citizens and businesses at national and European level.


Such services are paramount when people want to move, live or study in another EU country and need to request relative documentation, such as a birth certificate, proof of residence or apply for university or study financing, amongst many others.  It is also very relevant for businesses wishing information relating to cross-border activities and procedures.

“Once only” principle and data protection​

The “once only” principle aims to ensure that citizens and businesses are asked to submit information only once to a public administration, which can then be re-used in other procedures, upon the user’s request. The single digital gateway regulation includes provisions to make sure that this principle is implemented in line with the new data protection rules.

Next Steps

The draft regulation still needs to be voted by the full Parliament in an upcoming plenary session (September) and formally approved by the EU Council of Ministers. In order to give national, regional and local administrations time to adapt, the target date for placing all relevant procedures online will be five years after the entry into force of the regulation. However, many procedures are already available online now or will be available before that date.​


The single digital gateway proposal is part of the “compliance package”, aimed at enhancing the practical functioning of the EU single market. It builds on several existing schemes, which cover only a few fields, are not always interconnected, suffer from not being well known and are therefore underused.


According to the European Commission, this legislation could help EU citizens save up to 855 000 hours of their time annually and companies could save more than EUR 11 billion per year.

Equiom Malta raises smiles among local children


Equiom Malta recently organised a trip to the zoo for the children of St. Rita Home orphanage in Tarxien. Staff from Equiom Malta accompanied 13 children from the orphanage to the Wildlife Park in Rabat for the day where the children observed the animals and were treated to lunch.


The team at Equiom Malta also made a donation of €500 to St. Rita Home through a mix of fundraising activities and corporate donations. In addition, they gifted toys to the children in partnership with Playmobil.


Colin Gregory, Managing Director of Equiom Malta commented: ‘I am pleased that we were able to help out in such an important way. Many of these children had never visited the zoo before so it was a great experience both for them and for the staff. I would like to thank the team at Equiom Malta for giving up their free time on a public holiday to make this event happen. Special thanks also to eCabs for providing the transport, Playmobil for the toy donations and the Wildlife Park for entry to the park free of charge for the children. This was a great initiative and I am looking forward to offering more support to St. Rita’s in the future.’


St. Rita Home is an orphanage run by the St. Ursuline Sisters. It is home to 16 local children cared for by four nuns who dedicate their lives to providing a safe and nurturing environment.

Notes to editor

About Equiom

Equiom is fast becoming the stand-out business in the professional services sector, with a strong presence in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and The Americas. It provides a range of innovative and effective business partnering solutions.


Equiom’s experienced and highly qualified teams support corporations and high-net-worth individuals around the world with their fiduciary and related support-service needs.


Equiom is an independent company focused on strategic thinking and quick responses to clients’ requirements. It is a thriving business, continually seeking to develop its product range, in order to provide both existing and potential clients with an unrivalled range of options and opportunities.


Equiom (Malta) Limited is authorised to act as a trustee and fiduciary services provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

World’s first convertible coin offering platform


The world’s first convertible coin offering platform was officially launched with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat saying that the blockchain technology will be a harbinger of a new economic niche for the country which in turn will create more jobs and wealth. The offering by the company Palladium saw its chairman Paolo Catalfami saying that the project will create more than 100 job opportunities. Palladium uses blockchain technology to bond banking with cryptocurrency and had its prospects approved by the MFSA and is subject to stringent EU laws. Malta is one of the first countries worldwide to regulate this technology creating an ideal ecosystem for companies, start-ups, and investors.


Malta Stock Exchange, Valletta (OPM1007201801-02)

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